15+ Parents Share Weird Things They Did While Sleep-Deprived

We asked our readers what really funny or weird things they did (or forgot) as a sleep-deprived parent..

Some of the answers will have you in fits of laughter. See for yourself…

We have all done crazy things as sleep-deprived parents. You know those moments we all try to forget. Like popping the milk in the oven, or sticking the babies bottle in the dishwasher instead of the microwave. Wearing odd shoes to the shop or forgetting to change your clothes before heading to the corner store. Sprayed deodorant in your hair or killed a fly with hairspray. You know it’s true!

Some of these things are totally next level though! Grab the tissues for a good laugh 😂

Weird things parents do while sleep deprived

Poor Courts nearly got herself tossed in jail this week!

“Yesterday I literally had security called on me in Coles because I was putting all my groceries in my handbag instead of my basket. I was apologising profusely to security while they were laughing at me as I pulled chicken tenders and a bag of tomatoes out of my handbag as they went and got me a basket because I even forgot that.”

Danni shared, “Threw my keys in the toilet instead of a snotty tissue.”

Clean cheese anyone? Buffy decided to put a block of cheese in the dishwasher.

Amy shared, “Full panic mode screamed at my husband “where’s the baby?!”…while baby was in my lap nursing on my left

Tiff decided to “Put my pin number into the microwave.”

Nikki had some pretty bad luck when she “Forgot to put the hand brake on my Mitsubishi station wagon after a busy day out with the kid’s….had a storm overnight, 2 in the morning and the police are banging on my door to tell me my car had taken off down the driveway and smashed into the van parked across the road. “

Kiki’s visitor got a HUGE surprise when she “Answered the front door with one boob hanging out.”

Emma had a really tasty cuppa one day when she “Put orange juice in my tea instead of milk.”

Oopsie! Poor Donna decided to toss out her valuables in her sleep deprived state, “I put my purse in the bin.”

Danielle thought she had really lost it one day, “I was so tired that I thought the forks were flying out of the silverware drawer when I opened it.”

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Bron found a safe place for her keys at least, “Put my keys and phone in the fridge.”

Hmmm not sure what Lorraine was thinking! “Put my shoes in the freezer.”

Nola was left wondering why her toothpaste tasted weird before realising, “I put savlon cream on my toothbrush and yuk!”

Poor Melissa was struck with pregnant brain when she “put the groceries away and put the laundry powder in the fridge (actually moved things aside to fit it in!) and put the butter in the laundry.”

I think Verity may be our worst sleep-deprived moment winner though, “put the rubbish in the washing machine and washed it. Threw the clothes in the bin and chucked them.”

What weird things have you done while suffering sleep deprivation?

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