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When you have a small apartment or home, finding the best space saving products and ideas is the key to making your home work for you and your unique situation

You can make even the smallest space a happy home with these innovative ideas. Space Saving Storage Truly useful small house ideas turn that small house into a cozy home you enjoy and be proud of. I’ve shared some of my favorite small space organizing ideas in the past: Storage for Small Spaces Small Bathroom Organizing Ideas Clothes Storage Ideas Space Saving Products Space Saving Hanger Although decluttering your closet is always the first step to make more space and better organize a small space, finding the best hanger option for your situation a huge help. Package of Ten Non-Slip Thin Hangers from The Container Store. Smart Storage Hanger Spacer Maker from the Container Store. Adjustable Closet Rod Expander from...

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With the exception of pro athletes and people who love saunas, most of us live by the motto, Never let them see you sweat

(Fun fact: That came from a 1984 ad campaign for Dry Idea antiperspirant, and yes, that’s Carol Burnett!) Sure, it’s totally natural —’Sweat’s main function is to cool the body,’ says Dee Anna Glaser,  a professor in the department of dermatology at St. Louis University — and nothing to be ashamed of. That said, pit stains will never be aspirational, and since being anxious or nervous can stimulate sweat glands to up their output, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to broadcast your emotional state in this particular way. Pin this article for later! For more, follow Good Housekeeping on Pinterest. And if you’ve got hyperhidrosis — the medical term for excessive sweating anywhere on the body — the problem is...

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Happy Sunday guys! Mara is to the age we can start sharing a few things,  since were home so much right now I got some new loungewear sets so I wanted to share with you all ones I’ve been loving

Mara is really into tie dye right now so this first one she was pretty excited about Pin It DETAILS: CHEETAH PJ SET (SIMILAR HERE & MORE OPTIONS HERE)  TAN SLIPPERS MARA:  TIE DYE SET | PINK SLIPPERS (ON SALE UNDER $20) How cute is this pink leopard pajamas sets? Even on those days when you don’t get around to getting dressed for the day until noon, there’s something about matching pajama sets that starts your day off on the right foot. We found this cute tie-dye set – Mara and I aren’t the same size but we are getting to the point where she can fit into some of my clothes and it’s so much fun, especially shoes and slippers. These slippers have been one...

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