3 Great Sewing Tips To Lengthen The Sleeves

Sleeves can be tricky because everyone has different arm lengths. With this, shopping for clothes can pose a challenge. But worry no more as Tale Handmade on Youtube shares these great tips to lengthen the sleeves of our clothes! I think all sewing lovers should know these tips, but even though you’re not really into sewing, knowing these tips could be handy someday. Watch the video below to learn now.

1st tip

Using a measuring tape, measure 8cm from the edge of the sleeve, then mark it with a line. Get a pair of scissors and cut the sleeve all the way through. Grab the cut-out fabric from the sleeve and rip the seam a little. Do this process to the sleeve also. Next, grab a lace (of your choice). Put the right side of the lace on the wrong side of the fabric, then sew it together by the edge. Get the cut-out fabric and sew it to the other side of the lace. With the help of the lace, the sleeve lengthens.

Cutting the sleeve hem to attach a lace
Image credits: Tale Handmade via Youtube

2nd tip

Rip the stitches on the sleeve hem, then cut this part out. Cut a short length of the seam on the sleeve and then grab a lace that is 8cm in width. Put the right sides together then sew them on the sewing machine, leaving a 2cm seam allowance. Next, get an elastic band that is about 20 cm and sew it on the other side of the sleeve. Finish by sewing the sleeve on its side, and closing it.

3rd tip

If the sleeve is too short or wide, get a cuff fabric. The cuff fabric should measure 10 1/2 cm x 18 cm. Put the right sides together, cut about 1 cm, then sew to the sewing machine. Back to the sleeve, cut the sleeve hem, then put it inside the cuff fabric. Sew them together.

Attaching a cuff fabric to the edge of the sleeve
Image credits: Tale Handmade via Youtube

3 Great Sewing Tips To Lengthen The Sleeves

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