4 Positive changes to society that are here to stay for a long, long time

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The world has been a very different place of late. We’re living in circumstances straight out of a sci-fi novel, and it has happened pretty much overnight. We’re out of touch (literally) with friends, family and neighbours. We can’t do any of the things we took for granted in the past. For some of us, it has been a struggle, but for others, there have been some bright sides of staying at home… 
One thing that has been incredible to see is how quickly the world has adapted. Services that were only ever delivered face to face have shifted. You can now order your meat from your local butcher via social media. Afternoon tea can be gifted and delivered to a family member. Craft breweries allow you to collect your favourite keg or can ship bottles to your door. Restaurants now do takeaways instead. Things have changed across the board and, at the same time, lifelines for our sanity and wellbeing have emerged. Let’s hope that newly adapted businesses continue providing these convenient services long in to the future.
This strange period has fortunately come at a time for us when technology is in the majority of homes. We are blessed with more connectivity than ever before, thanks to smartphones, tablets and computers and the saviour of all of them – an internet connection. This means we have been able to do all these new things online that we would never have been able to before. As the broadband system has been tested to its limited with all the additional usage over this period, it’s clear to see that advanced connectivity is here to stay.
People have taken the time to try new things, not just because they want to but simply because they HAVE to. Who would have chosen to video call their friends and host an online quiz in the past? I’d never done a Zoom call in my life before now! Distances between us have actually been reduced in many ways because they exist even between the closest of people. Technology is wiping out the barriers that we once thought we had and will continue to be a way of communicating more regularly with our loved ones in the years to come.
We’ve all seen the news that there are difficult economic times too, but there are certain areas which will continue to flourish. Online shopping is one of those areas. Never before have websites seen such a boom – even with nowhere to go, people realise the value in feeling good in their clothes and are investing the money that they’ve saved by staying at home into buying new stuff. Fashion websites such as Hush Style give a sense of happiness thanks to their ease of use and delivery, sending customers items they love and enjoy wearing – and more people than ever are buying gardening goods and homewares online from places like Wilko and Dunelm.

Online shopping was previously a bit of an underrated phenomenon, but now it’s getting all the credit it deserves. It’s been a saviour for so many, even keeping people in jobs who would otherwise have been out of work. Of course, online shopping is nothing new. It has been around for years, and it’s something many of us have done in one way or another, whether it’s ordering a book or a top – it’s likely something has arrived on your doorstep.

What this period has done, however, is encourage more people to see its value. Its convenient, easy and most importantly, you get access to a vast range of highly affordable items meaning you’ll never feel ripped off again (with the right research of course!) Online shopping is here to stay for the very long-term, which is a wonderful sign of our times. 

Let me know what bright sides you’ve discovered while staying at home and I’d love to hear about the convenient services you’ve been using online so please leave a comment below.

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