76 Useful And Potentially Life-Saving Safety Tips, As Shared By This Guy On TikTok

You never know what tomorrow might bring. It might start like a perfectly ordinary day but then you go out for a hike and get lost in the wilderness. Or get back to your apartment building and take the elevator to your floor just for it to start falling.

Of course, it's very improbable that you'll end up in a similar situation. But if, God forbid, you do, internet personality Adorian Deck, aka The Facts Guy, wants you to be prepared. So he is working on an interesting video series where he shares information on how to identify and escape emergencies.

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Meet Adorian Deck, aka The Facts Guy, who has over 3 million followers on TikTok


One of his most successful video series is dedicated to explaining how to survive potentially fatal situations

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If your house smells like fish for absolutely no reason there may be an electric fire

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If a moose is in the middle of the road, it's better to just swerve and run into a ditch because hitting a moose is like hitting a brick wall.

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Do not slide into the pins at a bowling alley as a joke. The pin setting machine will crush you

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If someone tries to kidnap you, scratch your attacker because now their DNA will be in your fingernails

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If lost in the woods, always follow the water downstream.

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If you have a wound or bug bite and there's this kind of weird red line, that's blood poisoning.

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When crying for help, try and call some specific people like "hey, you in the red shirt, help, I'm being mugged!" A lot of people will ignore a help call so if you call someone specifically they'll look at you. If people are really ignoring your help call you can just try and yell "fire!" because people are going to come running to see stuff burning.

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If you are ever trapped in a car, the headrest pole is made of material that is designed to smash car windows.

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If you need to break into a car window aim for the edges and corners because it's weaker than the center.

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Too much cold snow in your stomach can cause you to pass away of hypothermia. If snow is all you have, melt the ice then drink it

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If you think your home is haunted and you've been seeing or hearing a presence, get a carbon monoxide detector, there's a chance you could be hallucinating and this could be lethal

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If you ever, for some reason, ingest windshield wiper fluid, drink a lot of vodka (90-120ml), so that it prevents your kidneys from shredding and gives you time to go to the hospital.

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Keep a survival candle in your car when you're in cold areas because the heat from one candle can keep you from fatal freezing. And these candles can last up to 36 hours.

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If your hair suddenly stands up like this, duck and cover, you're about to be struck by lightning

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If you are ever being chased by a polar bear, get naked and drop all your clothes on the ground as you're running away. Polar bears have short attention spans and will inspect your clothes before chasing you again

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In a stressful situation, provide clarity by pointing out one person to call 911

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If you have to perform CPR follow the beat of Staying Alive by The Bee Gees.

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If your belly hurts on the lower right side of your stomach, push down on the lower left side. If that produces more pain, it's likely appendicitis

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You can use a crayon as a candle. It will burn up to 14 minutes.

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If you witness an accident, never take off the person's helmet, you can make a spine or brain injury worse

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Cyanide smells like bitter almonds. Get away from anywhere that smells like it

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If a service dog ever approaches you without its owner, follow them and do it quickly because you could be saving someone else's life.

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If you ever feel like someone is following your car, take four right turns. If they're still behind you, they're following you. You can also get off and on the freeway, but if this happens, just stay calm. Call the police and drive to a police station. Don't go home.

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If you've gone two and a half days without water and your only choice is either drink water that can't be sanitized or not drink water, drink the water. You're gonna pass away no matter what if you don't drink it. Most diseases you get from drinking bad water takes a couple of days to set in so you have some more time to get out.

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If you ever come face to face with a mountain lion, don't turn around, just walk backwards, they will be waiting for you to turn around before they attack you.

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If there's an earthquake, do not go up or down the stairs because they fall.

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Mud all over will keep you from being eaten alive by insects

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Never mix bleach and ammonia because the result is a poisonous gas that will take your life.

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Use this helpful rhyme to remember what to do in the event of facing each kind of bear "If it's brown - lay down, if it's black - fight back, if it's white - goodnight"

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If you're ever trapped in a building on fire get to the ground because the most breathable air will always be at the lowest point

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30 years ago, you had about 17 minutes to escape a house fire. Today, you only have about three minutes because newer homes and furniture burn faster.

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If you ever fall off the edge of a subway platform and onto the tracks, there is a crawlspace underneath for situations like this.

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You can always dial 911 with no bars, you will always connect to the nearest cell tower.

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Stand your ground against wolves, don't run away. They see running as a sign to attack

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If your drink randomly smells like cinnamon, don't drink it. People will use that to cover up the scent of poison

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If you ever are in a serious situation where you have triple-A batteries, but you need double-A batteries just ball up some foil and put it on the negative side.

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If you're ever in a foreign country 112 is the international 911

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If you accidentally disturb a beehive, do not go underwater, they will just wait for you and sting you more. Run as far away as possible and they will eventually tire out

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Most drunk driving fatalities occur on Saturday mornings between 1 am and 3 am. Avoid the roads at this time if you can

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If you're skidding in a car, steer in the direction of the skid.

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If you wake up in the middle of the night to the smell of gas do not turn your light switch on it could blow up your whole house

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If you or someone else gets stabbed, do not pull the knife out. It acts as a plug for blood loss.

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If a deer is running across the road in front of you, it is safer to hit it than to swerve.

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If you have tightness in the middle of your chest that goes to your jaw and your shoulders or down your left arm, chew an aspirin and wash it down with water, then call emergency services. You are having a heart attack and this could save your life. Females will have pain in their upper back between the shoulder blades.

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Milk from brown coconuts will dehydrate you, drink the green ones.

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Lying flat on your back like this guy is the best way to survive a falling elevator

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If a power line falls next to you don't run or walk. Just put your feet together and bunny hop like this. That way the electricity can't go up one leg and down the other.

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Do not run zigzag if an alligator is chasing you. It's a myth. They're not stupid and they run up to 35 miles per hour.

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If someone grabs you by the arm, don't just pull away. Twist your arm instead, your arm goes in nearly all directions, but their wrist won't.


If you ever get stuck in the back of a truck, just disconnect the brake light wire so that way when the cop pulls them over, you can kick the door and let them know that you're there.

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If you are ever buried in rubble, yelling will just waste energy, try and grab something and tap it in intervals of three, rescuers will notice the pattern.

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If you ever see square waves in the ocean get out immediately

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If your car ever goes underwater, open a door or a window immediately otherwise the pressure will build up and you never will be able to

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Garage door springs can kill you if you try to take them off the wrong way. So best recommended to leave it to professionals.

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To have the highest chance of survival in a plane crash you need to be sitting in the middle seat near the back

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Do not inflate your life jacket before exiting a plane, especially in a water landing. Your life jacket in a rapidly submerging plane will cause you to float to the cabin ceiling and will not allow you to escape.

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If you're being tied up, puff yourself up as much as possible so it will be easier to wiggle out.

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Condoms can actually be a quick way to store liquids and they can hold up to a gallon of water. And plus they're waterproof so you can store phones or matches, pretty much anything that shouldn't get wet safely.

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Don't walk downstairs with your hands in your pockets

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If your pupil reflects white like right here you need to go see a doctor, something's wrong with your eye

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If a tornado looks like it's not moving, it's because it's moving towards you.

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If you ever find yourself buried in an avalanche just spit, your spit will follow gravity and you could dig in the opposite direction

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Use your jeans as a life preserver in water just by tying the legs and filling them with air.


The more colorful and vivid the animal the more likely it's poisonous.

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When escaping a fire, touch a closed door with the back of your hand before you open it. If it is extremely hot, you will only have burned the back of your hand and you can still grip things while you're escaping.


Keep your phone facedown if you want to save battery, because it won't light up every time you get a notification


If you are choking or having a heart attack, get out of your car. You can't signal anyone if you're unconscious in your car, but if you're draped over the hood that'll be sending a distress signal.


If somebody is ever trying to take you or points a gun at you to get you away in a public place, you just have to start screaming and fighting. Even if you're shot, medical attention can get to you relatively fast, but if they do end up taking you to a private place, your chances of being rescued are much lower


Hornets are angered by the color white. You might think that taking off your white shirt would help, but remember part of your eyes are white and they're going to be angry anyways.


Before the natural disaster, make sure you fill up your tub and your sink for clean water.

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If someone ever points a gun at you just maintain eye contact, it can make them uncomfortable or even feel bad causing them to hesitate or move on from you out of embarrassment


If you get pulled out into a riptide at the beach, swim parallel with the beach to get around it before you try to swim back.


If someone has hypothermia, you need to heat them up gradually, putting them next to a fire could kill them. For the same reason, do not put frostbitten fingers or toes in hot water, your blood can't adapt as fast to a sudden change.


If a stranger gets in your car and forces you to drive them somewhere, bump into a lamppost, you won't be useful to them anymore with a damaged car and attention drawn to the scene.


If you ever almost drown to the point of throwing up water or passing out, even if you feel fine, your lungs can still fill up with fluid over a couple of hours.