9 Smart Hacks That Will Make Laundry Day Easier

I’ve always been a sucker for a good laundry hack. I like them so much that I actually wrote a post full of them last year!

But you never have too many laundry hacks in my opinion. So that’s why today, I’ll be sharing a whole new collection of them with you!

These hacks address all kinds of laundry-related issues, from keeping your bedsheets soft to eliminating odor from smelly gym clothes. And as always, you’re invited to share your own brilliant laundry hacks by commenting at the bottom of this post! :-)

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9 Of The Smartest Laundry Hacks Of All Time

1. Soften Sheets With Vinegar
Keep your bedsheets soft and clean by doing a simple vinegar wash! Just toss the sheets in your washing machine along with 1 cup of distilled white vinegar.

The vinegar will soften the fabric, remove dinginess, and eliminate any lingering odors or body oil. Do this treatment once a month or so, or as needed to keep your sheets soft and clean.

2. Toss The Detergent Cap In The Wash
If you’re tired of detergent dripping everywhere after measuring it out into the cap, just toss the cap into the wash with your clothes! It will come out squeaky clean with zero drips to clean up. (Just make sure to take the cap out before you transfer your wash load to the dryer!)

3. Collect Lint In A Tissue Box
If you’re short on space in your laundry room, try using an empty tissue box as a receptacle for your dryer lint. Once the box is full, you can either toss it out or add it to your compost pile!

Another way to put dryer lint to good use is to make fire starters. Just tuck some lint into a toilet paper tube, set it in your fire, and light it up!

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4. Prevent Creases With A Pool Noodle
Sick of those creases and lines that form in your clothes after drying them on your clothes rack? Try padding your rack with a pool noodle!

Cut a piece of pool noodle to the length of the rods on your rack, then make a cut along the length of the noodle section to open it up. Slip the noodle onto one of the rods, then drape your damp clothing item over it.

The noodle acts as a cushion between the rod and your clothes to prevent those harsh creases and lines from forming.

5.Pre-Soak For Workout Clothes
When your workout clothes smell less than fresh after a particularly sweaty workout, doing a simple vinegar pre-soak can help eliminate odor and dissolve oily buildup.

Just put your workout clothes in a sink, add enough cold water to submerge them, then pour in 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Leave your clothes to soak for at least an hour, then wash them with a gentle detergent to restore them to their clean, fresh state!

Bonus Tip: Make sure to avoid using fabric softener when washing athletic fabrics. Fabric softener can make fabric less absorbent, which is definitely not something you want during a sweaty workout!

6. Make Folding More Fun
Many people dread the folding-and-putting-away phase of doing laundry (myself included!) Try raising the stakes with a little competition to make it more fun!

Use the stopwatch on your phone to time how long it takes you to fold a load and put it away. Then next time you do laundry, time yourself again and see if you can set a new record!

7. Dry Loads Back-To-Back
A warm dryer uses less energy than a cold one, so run your dryer loads back-to-back as often as possible. You’ll get more done and spend less on your energy bill at the same time!

8. Unbutton Shirts Before Washing
The easiest way to keep dress shirts and blouses nice? Take the time to unbutton all of the buttons before washing them.

Washing a buttoned shirt puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the buttons. The stress can wear out the threads that hold the buttons in place, increasing the likelihood that you’ll start losing buttons at some point.

9. Sort By Fabric Weight
Color isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to sorting your laundry. In fact, sorting your laundry out by fabric weight can help all your clothing last longer!

Imagine washing a pair of heavy denim jeans with a few lightweight cotton t-shirts. That heavy denim is going to rub against the lightweight cotton in the wash and cause unnecessary wear. Sorting by fabric weight can eliminate this issue and protect your clothes!

Do you have any quick and easy laundry hacks you use frequently?
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