A Mans Guide to Wearing Prints and Patterns

Men are usually expected to dress inconspicuously with stable solid colors like grey, white, and black. Introducing patterns can add style and visual interest to your clothes. With a little help, you can learn how to add prints and patterns to whatever style you are wearing. You may find it a bit confusing at first, but the more you experiment with them, the better you become at matching what works and leaving what doesnt. These tips will take you from armature to pro where mixing and matching patterns is a concern.

A Mans Guide to Wearing Prints and Patterns

1.Start simple

When you know nothing about patterns, it can be a bit intimidating when you finally decide to make the bold move. Start by incorporating some mens accessories with subtle patterns. For instance, a checked bowtie will be perfect for that work event. Maybe a green and blue flower lapel pin, a Christmas tie, a checked scarf, or a paisley pocket tie would do. This will keep you in your familiar territory of plain and solid colors before you gain the courage to explore more colors.

2.Understand how to wear stripes

Stripes are a favorite for many men and come in all manner of widths. The most basic are Bengal stripes or wide stripes, pencil stripes or medium, and pinstripes or thin stripes. Pinstripes are more conservative and the easiest place to start. The rule to remember with stripes is that the wider the stripes, the bolder the statement they make, and the simpler the rest of your look should be. For a formal look, pair a striped shirt with a solid trouser or denim for a smart casual look. They are also perfect with a v-shaped sweater.

3.Try houndstooth

Houndstooth has been blown out of proportion in the past, but ideally, they are micro-checks. Typically found in a black and white weave, you can pair houndstooth with monochrome outfits, especially on tailored suits. The uniformity adds to the formality creating a look everyone at your workplace or formal event will be eyeing. Houndstooth is a busy pattern and would be a disaster if you paired them with other bold patterns. Instead, keep it simple by pairing them with complementary patterns such as large polka dots and pinstripes or go plain if you are uncertain.

4.Wear floral and geometric prints

Floral patterns havent always attracted a male audience. Historically, they originated from Eastern Asia and were sold to European traders and replicated. They are often combined with cultural motifs and symbols. Although they are growing on people, they are not overly popular like their other counterparts. They are best worn when you let the flowers take center stage, so use a cool solid color for bottoms. You can use denim or dark chinos in either gray, navy or tan, and finish the look with sneakers or loafers.

Patterns are not easy to master, but once you do, you will have something bold to complement your confidence at any occasion. Take time to learn how to match the patterns and start simple with accessories as you learn the ropes. As you gain confidence, experiment more to see what fits you best.

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