Best Tips On How To Pack Light For A Long Trip

Are you an over-packer or just want to bring a lot of clothes to be sure during long trips? Then these great tips on how to pack light for a long trip from BuzzFeed Bring Me on Youtube will surely help you big time! Learn how to use every inch of your backpack to fit all your clothes and essentials for your trip. You can even use the space inside your shoes to fit some smaller items! Watch the video below to learn.

#1 Shoes

You may or may not pack multiple shoes, but if you’re going to be gone for a while, especially if work-related, you may pack two to three shoes per occasion. For this, you may want to use every inch of space inside your shoes. Place some extra socks, underwear, swimsuits, belts, or anything soft and small enough to fit inside. Place the shoes in a heel-to-toe position side-by-side. Place it inside a bag to protect from dirt and keep it at the bottom so the bag is not top-heavy.

Placing small clothing items inside the shoes
Image credits: BuzzFeed Bring Me via Youtube

#2 Clothes

For packing clothes, fold over the pants and then fold over the shirt in the middle. (Keep the shirt aligned with the pants.) You can put socks or underwear tucked in the middle so you have your whole outfit picked out for the day. Roll the clothes as this method help save space. For jackets, fold the bottom over 4 – 5 in, then bring the arms into the middle and make it into a straight rectangle. Turn it over and roll it in the bottom part that was rolled, then tuck everything else in it. This rolling method works great with pajamas or anything lightweight.

#3 Accessories

You wanna bring a lightweight, reusable water bottle to save money and also reduce plastic use. You may also wanna bring a small bag for when you don’t need your backpack. Also, leave your big wallet at home and opt for a smaller bag to only bring essentials. You can also use a mint tin to store credit cards and money. Don’t forget to bring a compact umbrella because it may rain at your destination. (You could also bring a poncho to save even more space.) For toiletries, leave the big bottles at home and just bring smaller ones. If you are worried about toiletry spilling, put some plastic wrap over the top and then put the cap on it to prevent it from leaking. Lastly, when putting it all inside the backpack, place more malleable clothes at the bottom of the bag.

Putting toiletries on small containers
Image credits: BuzzFeed Bring Me via Youtube

Best Tips On How To Pack Light For A Long Trip

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