DIY Christmas Ornaments And Decorations With Adorable Designs

Isnt Christmas the most cheerful and joyful holiday? Theres presents, friendly gatherings and lots and lots of ornaments and decorations. This last part is what were most excited about. Every year before Christmas we enjoy gathering new and interesting project ideas and sharing them with you guys and this year is no different. Weve made a big list with all our favorite DIY Christmas ornaments and we love how diverse and different these ideas are. Let the fun begin!

These jolly snowmen show that it really is possible to make cute things out of pretty much anything. These were made from things like metal washers, door hardware and poker chips and look really cute. All the pieces were spray painted white which gave them a clean look and at the end each snowman also got a cute little accessory: either a hat, a scarf, googly eyes or something similar. If you want to find out more about this cool project, check out petticoatjunktion.

Speaking of cool and unusual projects, also check out these Christmas bath bomb ornaments featured on lydioutloud. Theyd make some pretty interesting gifts and of course you can also hang them in your own beautiful Christmas tree if you want to. When the celebration is over and the tree is taken down, you wont get to put these ornaments in storage but instead youll get to use them. The ingredients needed to make these festive bath bombs include baking sofa, epsom salt, citric acid, corn starch, coconut oil, essential oils, sugar sprinkles and plastic fillable ornaments.

Heres a really cool idea that you can use if youre planning a Christmas party or get-together this year. Take a dried tree branch with multiple ramifications, spray paint it (or not, depending what type of look you prefer) and turn it into a sort of miniature Christmas tree centerpiece for the table. Instead of ornaments you can hang edible donuts. The holes in the middle make it super easy to hang them. You can check out clubcrafted to find out more details.

Personalized Christmas ornaments are really nice because theyre unique and special. They can follow any theme that you want. For example, a nice little project for someone who is into trucks and cars in general could be the one featured on lydioutloud. You could hang this lovely wood ornament up in the tree or use it as a decoration for the Christmas wreath. You could also offer it as a gift to someone. If you dont think youd be able to make it out of wood, perhaps youd like to try cardboard instead.

The snowflake ornament featured on aliceandlois is really cute too. It also seems super easy to make. You need unfinished wood beads, craft wire, ribbon and scissors. Make sure you have enough beads for all the snowflakes that you want to make. This one uses 48 14mm beads. You can make yours smaller or bigger, depending on your preferences and the supplies that you can find. You can also use colored beads instead in case you like the look more.

Wouldnt it be cute to decorate your Christmas tree with lots of little rainbows? You could make some from air dry clay. Youd need a rolling pin, a small knife, acrylic craft paints, small paintbrushes, a skewer and twine. You dont have to make all of them look the same. Even if theyre meant to be rainbows you can play with different color combinations, just as shown on aliceandlois.

Arent these tiny sleds adorable? They make really cute decorations for the Christmas tree and theyre handmade which means you could actually craft some as well. The project is described in detail on cleanandscentsible and the supplies needed include popsicle sticks (regular and small), wood glue, wood stain, paint, twine, glue dots and embellishments (such as tiny jingle bells, greenery, etc). You need two regular sticks and 5 small ones for each sled.

These twine Christmas ornaments have a nice rustic look and look like something youd have to buy from a store rather than make yourself. Theyre actually quite easy to make if you just know how to do it. You need lots of twine, either white glue or mod podge, jingle bells, ribbons, a glass bowl, balloons and a hot glue gun. You can find the instructions and additional details about the project on thecraftingnook.

You can also make some rustic-looking Christmas ornaments out of fabric. The idea here is to cut some leftover pieces of fabric into strips and to use those strips to cover some styrofoam balls. Add a twine loop to each ball so you can hang it and also wrap some twine around the ornament for some added flair. The fabric strips are kept in place by small pins but you could also use glue instead if you want a cleaner look. Check out sewverycrafty for additional details.

Speaking of rustic Christmas decorations, the patchwork stars featured on 100things2do are a nice example as well. You can make them out of scrap wood pieces and its really simple as long as you have a saw you can use to cut the wood into all the little pieces. Once you have all the puzzle pieces in place you can just staple the together. Use wood stain to give the stars a nice finish and hang them with some twine.

Popsicle sticks can be used to make all sorts of interesting and nice-looking decorations and ornaments, including these mini pallets. You need to cut the sticks so they dont have curved edges, stain them and then glue them together. Add a piece of twine to make a loop so you can hang each pallet. The most difficult part about this particular design featured on lovecreatecelebrate is the white leather deer decoration but you can replace it with something simpler if you dont have the necessary tools and equipment to make this.

Some of the most interesting Christmas decorations are made from the most common thingslike these snowflakes made from wooden clothespins for example. This could be the perfect opportunity to give a second chance to some old or broken clothespins which you no longer need. If you dont have any it would be just as simple to go out and buy a set or two. The project is featured on rindymae so check it out if youre interested to find out the details.

When we said you can make lovely Christmas ornaments out of just about anything we really meant it so heres another project that proves it. These DIY Christmas ornaments featured on loveoffamilyandhome are made from empty toilet paper rolls. The rolls are cut into thin slices. 6 slices are needed for each ornament. They become flower petals when theyre glued together. To complete the flower, glue a cute button at the center of each flower.

These cute ornaments are made from mason jar lids and if you already have some thats actually perfect. If not, you can always buy some in packs at your local store. Heres what else was used here apart from the lids: screw rings, fabric scraps, a glue gun, scissors, twine and stickers (or paper cutouts, whichever you want to use). Pick something Christmas or winter-related like snowflakes, snowmen or reindeer to capture the spirit of the holidays. Additional details can be found on cleanandscentsible.

These gnome ornaments are really cute and you might actually be able to find something very similar in stores around Christmas. If you decide to make them yourself, theres a detailed tutorial on rufflesandrainboots which can help to guide you through the whole process. Just a little heads up, this is what youre going to need: wood slices, Mongolian fur fabric, craft felt, tiny noses (beads, clay pieces, buttons or whatever else you can find), a hot glue gun, twine or ribbon, scissors and a razor blade.

Cute Christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and the next example on our list comes from cutesycrafts. This is where you can find the tutorial for making these lovely felt decorations. They really are adorable and they look a bit like snow globes. The part is that theyre decorated with tiny little snowmen and reindeer made of buttons

If youre looking for a type of Christmas ornaments that are easy and quick to make and dont require any special or unusual supplies, you might like these boho chic tassels featured on crazy-wonderful. They can made using the following items: black yarn (you can use other colors if you want to), 1 wooden beads, 3/4 wooden beads, scissors and a thin piece of wire (optional but very useful). Hang these up in the tree along with all the other ornaments and reuse them year after year.

The snowman is a major symbol of winter, Christmas and everything associated with the white season and for good reason. Just look how cute these ornaments are. If you like them as much as we do, go ahead and check out the tutorial from itsalwaysautumn. It explains how they were made. The materials needed for the project include wood slices, ribbon (or fabric scraps, whichever you have), toothpicks, orange and black markers, twine, small twigs (optional) and a hot glue gun.

Weve seen quite a few projects so far that use yarn which is great because its such a common and easy to find item. To continue the list, heres another example. This one comes from livecrafteat and the tutorial explains how you can make tree star ornaments for the Christmas tree. All you need is some corrugated cardboard (you might have a box that you can disassemble), tape (or glue), yarn, pins and some scrap pieces of paper or cardstock.

Any extra Scrabble tiles (or incomplete sets) that you may have lying around can finally be put to good use. You can turn them into lovely Christmas decorations if only you can combine them in a way that sends a seasonal message. Thats when your creativity comes into play. Heres what you need for this project, in addition to the tiles: snow texture paint, ribbon (or twine), a paper plate, felt and glue. Be sure to check out craftsbyamanda if you need more details.

Ive actually seen someone make these little yarn hat ornaments and they looked adorable. Theyre made using toilet paper rolls, colored yarn, scissors and tissue paper. Its pretty easy to make them and although it takes some time to do it you can actually watch a movie in the meantime which would make the experience even better. To find out all the details of this project you can check out easypeasyandfun.

Jingle bells are already cute Christmas ornaments but theres a way to make them look even lovelier. The process is described on thegirlcreative and involves the following items: large bells, silver pipe cleaners, ribbon and a hot glue gun. Its one of the easiest projects on this list and it only takes a few minutes to have these ornaments done and ready to be put on display.

Another cute project idea comes from katescreativespace. These little nutcracker doll ornaments are made from wooden clothes pegs. Theyre painted and they have these tiny hats that are actually repurposed candle cups and fluff for hair. You can paint cute faces on them and use those special tins designed for model-makers to have more precision and to be able to get all the details right.

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