Don’t Be Afraid To Let A Room Stand Out - Home Decor Inspiration

*This is a collaborative post
When was the last time you walked into someone’s kitchen and seen something stand out? Or can you remember anyone having a little downstairs toilet that gave you decorating envy?
It’s fair to say that many of us have quite basic homes with a basic design that lacks a little character. Making a house a home can sometimes be difficult. How can we stand out in a world of flat packs and white walls? Well, we can start by injecting strong elements in our interiors. 
Having features that stand out in rooms around the home can add character and make something as mundane as the hallway stand out in the best way possible. Want to know how? Here are some examples of how to add strong features around the home. And I’ll start with what is usually the busiest room in the house.
In your kitchen Kitchens, in my opinion, should always be as neutral as possible as it’s the de facto workspace in your home. I’m not just talking about cooking up a storm but the spot where homework gets done, bills are paid and all family matters are attended to.
Your kitchen should always be a clean and tidy looking place, so where do you make it look special and stand out? By treating yourself to better versions of essential items. I’m talking things like your bread bin, kettle, drying rack and microwave. 
Pick colours that stand out and get utensils that have added character. Go on Amazon, and you’ll be surprised at the variety of colours dish drying racks come in, how varied kettles can be (say bye-bye to bland white plastic kettles) and how popular retro-looking tin bread bins are just now.

In your bedroom If you read the recent post on vibrant prints, you’ll know that it can be the small things which add character to a bedroom. I think our bedrooms are the one place we don’t pay enough attention to. It seems to be the one spot of the house we needlessly hang up pictures that don’t have a strong meaning or leave things looking a little cluttered. 
To give a bedroom something to talk about, pick just one wall and pop a fancy or funky wallpaper on there. You’re not looking for something basic but a pattern or particular print that stands out in the best way possible. 
Because you’re only doing one wall, it helps to splash out a little and get a high-quality roll from the likes of I Love Wallpaper or Graham & Brown.  I’ve seen examples of bathroom wallpapers with tropical themes, flamingos, old penguin books and funky patterns.
In your bathroom Because space can be limited in a bathroom, it can be hard having something stand out. Much like in the kitchen, I believe it is best to focus on something functional to make that look interesting.
Case in point, the humble bathroom radiator. It doesn’t get much notice at all except for when it stops working, so how can you make it stand out? By getting a traditionally made towel rail. They are made to look old and turn a radiator into something you’ll stop and take your time to look at. And because of how they’re made nowadays, you can pick different colours of radiators to create a stronger look in the bathroom.
In your living room Living rooms are tricky old things to give characters because they’re meant to be a room you relax and take it easy. Paint your walls a strong colour or having a big clash of prints around the TV can stop you from creating a welcoming space. 
Much like kitchens, I believe living rooms benefit from neutral tones with a few hotspots dotted around the space. Don’t have any shelves or the fireplace cluttered in furnishings like vases and candles. Pick one or two areas and have strong elements in there. For instance, get a designer looking stand-up lamp from Ikea without the major price tag, or hang art up behind you when facing the TV rather than distractingly alongside it.  
In your hallway I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the hallway. Whether you live in a two-up two-down, have a teeny apartment or have a hallway that seems to be the unofficial dumping ground for everyone’s shoes, bags & coats, the arterial space of the home is often underutilised.
One way to make space stronger stares you right in the face every day without you even taking notice; the back of the front door By simply painting it any colour bar what’s on the wall or white, your front door will stand out against everything else in the space. 
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