Earth Day Crafts To Make – Kids, Teens, And Adults

Earth Day Crafts To Make – Are you looking for ideas, things to make, and activities to celebrate Earth Day? We made a list of our favorite projects!

Use these ideas and crafts for Earth Day, or for spring activities and summer activities.

20+ Earth Day Crafts

Earth Day Crafts To Make - 25+ Crafts and activities for Earth Day for kids and adults! So many great ideas to use well beyond Earth Day!

The ideas and activities include gardening crafts, green crafts, recycle crafts, butterfly crafts, Fairy gardens, Earth Day crafts for preschoolers, Earth Day crafts for kids, and Earth Day Crafts for Teens and Adults.

These are fun and easy projects anyone can do. Some include free templates. All the instructions are included in each project.

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Make any of these ideas!

Earth Day Crafts

Earth Day Crafts for preschoolers, kids, teens, and adults! Fun and easy crafts, do-it-yourself projects, and activities you can make for Earth Day!

DIY Seed Bombs - This is a fun project you can make for Earth Day or as a gift! See how to make Seed Bombs...

Make a Seed Packet Template - Use the Free Printable template and use it for collecting gardening seeds, or storing your extra gardening seeds. Two seed template versions are included for the garden seed envelope DIY ...

This spring bucket list includes activities you can do with the kids for Earth Day! Print the sheet and do the activities!

This is a fun project for tweens, teens, or adults for Earth Day. Make a butterfly pencil topper! Includes a free printable butterfly template and instructions.

Butterfly Crafts for Kids! Pick from any of these 15 butterfly crafts to make! ...

Have the kids make butterflies with clothespins and a few other craft materials and paint.

Build a fairy house for the garden! DIY Fairy Houses and Fairy Garden Crafts are perfect for Earth Day!

Get out in the yard and make a butterfly feeder and build a butterfly house. Your kids will love seeing all the butterflies it attracts to the garden.

DIY your own planters and plant something in the pots! Fun and easy ideas for your potted plants, succulents, or seeds!

Use this book as a resource and learn how to make terrarium gardens. Place them indoors, on patios...

Learn how to mulch your garden...

This was a project we did for Mother's Day but, it can be used to give someone on Earth Day! See how easy it is to make an herb garden kit!

Take photos of your Earth Day, the beach, mountains... Make Rock Fridge Magnets to hang your photos or Earth Day crafts.

Make Toilet Paper Seedling Pots and Painted Stone Garden Markers...

DIY Recycled Container Herb Garden With Your Kids...

Try making this cute idea for Earth Day with the kids. Lorax Truffula Tree Seed Craft...

This recycling activity for preschoolers includes a printable...

Print And Color An Earth Day Hat = grab this adorable printable for your preschoolers and kids to color on Earth Day and let them wear an Earth Day Hat.

Kids Earth Day Activity Recycling Craft - This Earth Day craft includes the free template Recycle, Reduce, and Reduce...

Printable Earth Day Bookmark Craft a fun activity for kids...

Make a Paper Plate Earth Craft with the kids! ...

What are some of the ways you inspire your kids or grandkids to take care of the planet?

Ways To Help Teach The Kids About The Planet

  1. Participate in beach clean-ups
  2. Take nature walks and hikes – scout compass
  3. Recycle
  4. Garden together – kids gardening toolset or this (5 years and up garden toolset)
  5. Reuse items and clothes
  6. Recycle and donate things
  7. Join clubs like the Sierra Club
  8. Take them whale watching
  9. Walk on the pier and looks for sea otters and dolphins
  10. Go bird watching
  11. Plant a Tree (The difference between Arbor Day and Earth Day)
  12. Read a book about or magazine -Read magazines like National Geographics For Little Kids My kid’s favorite was Ranger Rick and they have Ranger Rick Junior. Both are filled with reading and activities. I keep them in a suitcase like this and they’d read and reread them.
  13. Build a birdhouse together
  14. Do Earth Science Activities
  15. Learn about rocks and fossils
  16. Have them collect Sea Shells at the beach
  17. Turn off the lights when you aren’t using them
  18. Hang out clothes on a clothesline (conserve energy and save money too)
  19. Join clubs at school related to helping the local environment, streams or planting…
  20. Watch nature movies like this
Earth Day Crafts To Make - 25+ Crafts and activities for Earth Day for kids and adults! So many great ideas to use well beyond Earth Day!

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