Everyday Hack: 16 Awesome DIY Paper Clip Crafts That You Can Do

Paper clips, what are they for? By now you’ll be giving me cliche answers to that question and complain about having a bounty of them in both your home and office, and not really knowing what to do with them. Well, let me give you a reason not to waste them out. Or even better, let me give you 16 reasons in a form of DIY Projects that you can tinker with Paper Clips!

Everyday Hack: 16 Awesome DIY Paper Clip Crafts That You Can Do

Because No One Told You How Useful These Paper Clip Crafts Are

When you are limited to the idea that paper clips are only used with paper, you miss the fun in knowing it is so much more. Here, there are 16 other ways we can show you how paper clips can be transformed into something else so you would be able to apply it to your day to day chores. No one really told us that a phone stand can be made out of it, or it can serve as a temporary bag lock. Check out how many ways you can use paper clips below:

1. Diagonal Phone Stand

With a little manipulation, you can enjoy watching videos in your phone resting diagonally in this DIY phone stand from a paper clip.

2. Cord Organizer

Avoid clutter by pairing a paper clip with a rubber band to make a cord organizer. This will keep the wires tangle-free and easy to keep.

3. Plastic Bag Sealer


Clipped and sealed. Maintain your food’s freshness by securely saving it for a later time of crunchiness!

4. Bread Bag Locker


Twist your paper clip to lock your bread bag. Voila! Sealed longer with freshness.

5. Adhesive Tape Marker

Save yourself the time scratching where the tape begins, and just place a paper clip at its tip. With its light weight, it can stay on the tape for as long as you need it to.

6. Notebook Binder

Bind your notebook leaves easily with the help of a paper clip and rubber band. Have fun by using multiple colors and personalizing on how much paper leaves you want to bind.

7. Bookmark

As a clip paper, add a decorative piece (in this case, a colorful piece of cloth) to transform it into a bookmark. Looking for the page where you left off reading will not be as taxing as before, right?

8. Side Bookmark


Or you can have your bookmark sideways. You can place in a colored adhesive tape, have it color coded and use it for your notes. This one’s pretty cool too!

9. Button Bookmark

If you want a more noticeable tip to your DIY bookmark, glue a button at its end.

10. Heart Clips

Twist the clips to create heart shapes that will be interesting additions to your paper. Or pin if you have secret notes to a certain someone, why not try this trick? I bet it can melt their hearts quick!

11. Fabric Clip


Avoid unnecessary fabric looseness or disarrangement by clipping it with a paper clip. An emergency outfit fixer, how convenient!

12. Zipper Head

Paper clips are a perfect substitute to zipper heads that has long left the rest of the pouch. We can save the pouch because of this little helper! It’s the little things that count, truly!

13. Miniature Hangers


Form miniature hangers out of paper clips which you can use as hanging tools for thin or small fabric, wires or cords. From a paper clip to a hanger, this one just amazes me!

14. Bag Lock

Get yourself a temporary lock via a paper clip. Primary security to your bags, is there anything that these paper clips cannot do?

15. Phone Prick

Need a tool to go where your nails or pen can’t reach? Just straighten out a paper clip to make a phone prick you can utilize. It’s clean, sharp and is the perfect fit to that secret button to reformat your phone.

16. Triangular Phone Stand


Another way to support your phone is with this kind of phone stand. Give you hand a rest and let the paper clip do all the holding!

Watch the full video of these life hacks using paper clips:

You won’t look at paper clips in a bland way again. Still going to complain about that stack of paper clips? I bet not. Start applying these hacks, and use your clips in more ways than one!

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