Five Fashion Tips to Create Effortless Style

Tips for busy working moms who need to quickly and easily style themselves each day.

Keeping up with fashion trends can be exhausting and expensive. Savvy women that care about style know how to create a wardrobe with timeless pieces that offer versatility and confidence. The trick to streamlining your closet is to find the perfect fashion staples to simply your life. 

I got some tips from a Canadian brand called SophieGrace. They are on a mission to help women win at work, who is redefining what it means to “get ready” with its line of effortless essentials. They believe that beautiful and comfortable clothes build the best wardrobes. 

Pieces are designed to mix and match easily so working women don’t have to spend 30 minutes (or more) trying to pick the perfect outfit for the day.

How to Create Effortless Style

5 fashion tips for busy working moms who need to quickly and easily style themselves each day. 

  1. If you are fearful of color start wearing one piece of color and pair it with a neutral. The trick is to pair it with a similar neutral tone, dark with dark and light with light. For example, a rich forest green paired with black. Keeping it similar will blend the color more and allow you to get used to wearing color.
  2. Pick a top that complements your figure. Look for figure skimming tops that hug your arms, shoulders, and bust to show off your body. The frame floats away from the mid-section with a slight A-line cut.
  3. Be bold. Wear all black and pair it with a bold necklace. The necklace will balance out the content.
  4. Pair a boxy or oversized top with a fitted bottom. This will keep your body proportions visible and keep you from looking like a sack of potatoes.
  5. Maximize the effect of a pencil skirt by always tucking in your top. Leaving it untucked will hide your waist and leave you boxy and shorten your legs, leaving you out of proportion.


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