Gorgeous Hair Accessories To Upgrade Your NYE Hairstyle

Hair accessories are always a great way to upgrade your hairstyle. With New Years Eve happening tonight, you should definitely start thinking of chic dos to flaunt with your outfit. This is the time of the year when we all want to get dressed up and look our best. Especially if you are attending a formal event, you need a hairstyle that will stand out. And the best way to do that is to add chic accessories. Holidays are always about looking extra. In other words, you dont have to think twice before putting on your best dress, glamorous makeup and gorgeous do.

Hair accessories were a huge trend on the runways this year. A lot of designers predicted that ladies will be obsessed with these decorative pieces in the following year. New Years Eve can be your test run before you start rocking them in 2020. They will light up your hairstyle and make it at least three times better. Even celebrity hairstylists started to include bobby pins, pearls, and bows to the dos of A-listers. This is a global trend worth following.

According to designers and celebrities, you should have your eye on several hair accessories. First of all, always have statement bobby pins in your drawer. There are many great ways to use the classic pins and upgrade your simple do. Another way to go is to get decorative ones that include stones, beads and more. These days you can even get them in different colors and metallic shades.

Another accessory that is very popular in the moment is pearls. You will see them on clothes, shoes, and jewelry. For New Years Eve, you can try them as hair accessories. Many famous hairstylists already included them in their latest work. Celebrities such as Kate Mara and Julianne Hough flaunted pearls in their hairstyles for red carpet events. A lot of affordable brands are selling them on bobby pins, clips, headbands and more.

Take a cue from these gorgeous hairstyles and choose your favorite hair accessory. All of these looks are to die for, so you might even end up copying one. Starting from chain accessories, bobby pins or bows, there are a lot of options. If you want a statement New Years Eve hairstyle, these looks are the best inspiration. Dont forget to pin your favorite one and show it to your hairdresser before the big night.

Gorgeous Hair Accessories To Glam Up Your NYE Hairstyle star accessories

Photo Credit: @laurapolko/Instagram