Here Are Some Insightful Truths You Can Learn About These Three Types of People


It’s amazing what you learn by watching how someone walks, dresses, reads, and eats.

If you’ve ever looked at someone and wondered what they are like, how their homes look like, what they do for work, and what they love, then you’re in luck.

In my line of work, I interact with all sorts of people, and experience has harnessed my ability to profile them.

And not to toot my own horn, but in nearly all cases, I’ve managed to nail them to a t.

Below I will profile three types of ordinary, everyday individuals you see on the streets.

The images show how they look.

But the juice is in the article — breaking down everything you’ve ever wondered about them. So read till the very end.

The Yoga Girl

Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

Look at her.

Doesn’t she look fab?

I’d date her if I were into women, but regrettably, I swing the other way.

Anyway, this girl is often slim or pin-thin because she’s all about her weight. A little bulge here, an extra kilo there, and all hell breaks loose.

Being extremely health conscious means she’s super selective in her diet. As the guru of meal preps, don’t bother looking for her at Mcdonald’s because you won’t find her.

You’ll find her at the whole foods stores just around the corner because, well, she’s vegan. She swears by green smoothies, chia seeds, acai berries, and everything green.

If you want to take her out, take her to places that serve wine or cocktails ’cause this girl ain’t gonna drink beer.

That’s for sure.

So it’s not surprising that she works in jobs emphasizing a specific look and body measurements.

If she’s not a model, look her up in the flight attendant list. Or anything that requires a good sense of fashion and beauty because she’s one for makeup and dressing up.

She cares for the environment deeply, and you’ll often see her collecting litter or volunteering at community cleaning workshops.

So don’t be surprised when you see how clean her home is. I mean spotless. All. The. Time

She likes white or beige couches, lots and lots of pillows, and fluffy carpets. Oh, she likes all things fluffy, including her dogs. She likes them small too.

Small enough to fit in the handbags she carries during her daily walks listening to podcasts on Spotify. Walks which she can only do after slathering sunscreen all over.

There’s something about yoga that ignites a rare type of calmness. You can see it translated in her flexible and positive outlook on life. Name any challenge, and this girl doesn’t shy away. She tackles it head-on.

The other thing you need to know about this free bird is that she’s not one to stay in one place for too long because she’s always itching for new adventures.

But when she decides to nest in one place, she remains very grounded.

Must be all that yoga, right?

Also, speaking about the type of jobs she does (modeling and air hostess, for example) tells you she’s very confident in her body.

This babe has zero body insecurity and self-esteem to share.

What I’ve realized that people with high self-esteem is that they have a deep sense of self-love because they accept themselves for who they are.

And when you accept yourself, it becomes easy to accept others too. This is precisely why this girl knows how to love others.

She rarely gets wrapped up in guys with drama; she kind of knows how to choose the legit ones.

The Bikie.

Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

Hmmm… This dude has a very distinct look. You wouldn’t miss it if you stared from space.

It’s the long beard — you know, the Father Abraham kind of beard.

Baggy faded jeans, a black tee shirt with big images printed on it, pointed boots, and a leather jacket. Usually with an acronym that bears a powerful message — primarily negative.

This probably explains their strong views on politics, current events, and women. This dude isn’t afraid of going against the grain. He’s unfazed by unpopularity and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him.

Quite frankly, I’m terrified for the woman who dates him because he has strong negative opinions against women. A woman can’t tell him a thing because he knows everything. Her job is to listen up and follow through.

If you ever told him to go off meat, he’ll probably stab you and leave you bleeding. His love for steak is on another level, and always with a beer to drown it.

That Lambos everyone raves about?

You can keep it.

Our dude loves his motorbikes to a fault. His love for the sport is so strong that he would give up anything.

There’s something about this man that is always searching for novelty. And it seems like his adventurous spirit can only be satisfied on the road.

It’s so strong you’d think after having a nasty crash, they’d quit the sport, right? Nope.

There’s never stopping him. He can’t live without the thrill his bike gives him.

That’s why you’ll never see him at your local gym. He’s out there trying out new biking trails with his boys.

Speaking of boys, if you’ve ever wanted to see a tight circle of men, it’s the bikies.

They are bonded by loyalty. Forming a tight circle of brotherhood that will be there if anyone is in an accident or needs to be bailed out in any way.

But, make no mistake.

These guys are notorious for organized crime. Their bikie gangs are perpetrators of low-level drug dealings, public disturbances, and driving offenses.

So if this is the kind of guy you fancy, now you’ve been warned.

The Hippie.

Photo by Strvnge Films on Unsplash

If you want to spot this person in a crowd, here’s what to look for:

Long hair or dreadlocks and colorful clothes with psychedelic colors. At times they wear sandals but mostly prefer to stay barefoot.

If you go to their homes, you’ll find plants. Lots and lots and lots of plants.

You’ll also discover that they own crystals and precious stones of all shapes and colors and genuinely believe in their power. Like, for real.

They make all these sounds with them to signify something (not known to me, of course.)

They are deeply spiritual and can narrate everything about the seven chakras and the pineal gland. Whatever that is.

If you want to learn meditation — the real deep kind, not the YouTube one, these are your people.

And they’ll be happy to train you because, well… they believe in Karma! Who would have guessed?

Aside from being spiritual, they are also innately creative with a hand that loves painting big, abstract things.

What I’ve realized is that the abstract painting is a deeper expression of the life they prefer — a life of freedom.

This probably explains their love for travel. Their spirit is very expansive, which probably explains why they never stay in one place for too long.

Oh, by the way, if you want to suggest a trip, I beg you, for goodness sake, not to take them to the city; that’s their worst nightmare.

They hate noisy, faced-paced locations, which explains why they prefer to work in galleries and museums.

This is also why their homes resemble a gallery — often dusty and very eccentric décor.

However, the dust never seems to bother these guys.

Okay, let’s just say cleanliness is usually at the very bottom of their list of priorities. If it even makes it there.

These guys don’t bathe.

I feel like we need to pause here for a second and pick ourselves up from the floor.

Don’t ask me how they live without bathing but what I know is that non-washing is actually a thing in their tribe.

They actually have a non-washing-movements that believe in not bathing and avoiding soaps. Apparently, not bathing allows the body’s microbes and oil to reach their natural balance.

Imagine that.

So, if they aren’t bathing, what are they doing?

Shopping maybe?


You’ll rarely see them wear a new outfit. That dress you see will be from way back in the nineties or a gift from their grandma.

If they need anything, they head over to the market or the nearest garage sale and often buy the strangest things.

But what is it they say,

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Right?

Anyway, moving on.

These friends of ours avoid hospitals like the plague. They don’t trust doctors or modern medicine. But it’s not to say they don’t believe in medicine at all.

They do. They swear by holistic medicine and the power of nature to heal the human body.

It’s why they are mainly vegans/vegetarians who also drink plenty of herbal teas.

Calmness and relaxation are daily mantras for them. So they spend a lot of time away from people. The further away, the better. They hate conflict and will do anything to stay away from toxicity.

When alone, they read a lot. But not on I pads, though. They love old books, like old almost-tattered books that they exchange with others.

If we can credit anyone for keeping those home libraries alive, it’s these guys.

Next time you meet one of them, think twice before asking for their mobile number as they may not own a mobile phone.

There you go. Now you know a thing or two about these very different individuals!

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