How To Dry Laundry Faster In The Winter

Usually, in the summer season, we would hang our laundry out in the sun where it would dry nice and fast without the help of a machine dryer. Not only does this save you electricity, but it also makes sure that your clothes would dry all throughout while eliminating all of the possible leftover bacteria. However, during the cold winter season, this isn’t possible and we’re left with only one option which is to let it dry inside the house. You may use your machine dryer but if you don’t own one, then you know that it would take a dreadful amount of time for the clothes to dry completely. You may think that turning up the heating in your house would help but it will only make the humidity rise and in turn, make your laundry dry even slower. Luckily, Smart Fox on YouTube has a genius and handy technique for us which will make our tasks faster and easier.


  • Electric fan


Step 1

The steps are pretty easy and simple, all you have to do is to hang your clothes near or in front of your window, then place an electric fan facing directly to your clothes and the window, and then turn the fan on. Let the air blow through your clothes and keep the window open so that the exchange flow of air will pass through and exchange easily.

Easy Way To Dry Laundry Faster In The Winter
Image credit: Smart Fox via YouTube

Step 2

Leave the clothes for a couple of moments and check on them, you’ll be surprised to know that your clothes have now dried faster than just leaving them hanging. Once the clothes are no longer damp and are completely dry, you can proceed to fold them, and then put them all in the closet.

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Image credit: Smart Fox via YouTube


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How To Dry Laundry Faster In The Winter

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