I love lazy days....

Monday 9th January 2023
Another day, another week, another go...

I've had a lovely lazy weekend, I really enjoy being a lazy bird!  Having said that, it started really busy, our Saturday morning members filled the room and we had a giggle and all left ready to survive the week ahead.  

I'm not going to lie, there have been a couple or 4 chocolates this weekend, a few glasses of red wine, nowhere near what I'd normally drink so that's a big step forward.  Our meals have been as healthy as I can make them with what I have in the freezer!  I'm skint after Christmas as most people are in January, but on a positive there, it's stopped us eating out or having takeaway.  We enjoyed a roast chicken dinner yesterday, I had to go get some bits of shopping so as I need to make Aryn sandwiches for school today, he said he'd like chicken so we had it for dinner and he can have the last breast for sandwiches today, I've just made them actually, chicken, spinach and mayo on granary, he's a healthy boy ain't he, he wanted wheatgerm like we had in Ireland but I couldn't find a loaf in Sainsbury's. I've just looked on their website and they do a 400g on, so I'll look harder next time but shopping with those two isn't simple!
We left the skin on the potatoes which helps up the fibre and actually tasted good, I added roasted parsnips from the freezer, glad I'd bought them before Christmas, oh I do love gravy and there's enough left to make a cottage pie for today, I'll just need to get some mince as I know there isn't any in the freezer, that's going down nicely!  

We had this for dinner Saturday using the freezer stuff, it beat me, I left half my fish but it wasn't wasn't he ate it for me.  I really like that cheesy pizza bread stuff from Farm Foods it's cheap too £1.09 I think, those chips were rubbish though 'naked chips', came with a meal deal, glad they've gone now! 

We watched a lot of tele, season 4 of Brassic which I just love, laugh out loud tv, then yesterday we found an Irish series called North Sea Connection, really enjoyed that too. 

I got back Saturday to find he'd moved our bedroom round and it's so much better, feels like there's more room which we needed, so I spent an hour sorting all my clothes and putting them in the wardrobe rather than on the floor or chair!  I also changed and washed the bedding and it wasn't until I got back downstairs that I realised my fitbit was on charge so none of those steps were recorded and I'm sure it would count as a workout - changing bedding is hard work!

Well I better go wake him up for his first day at Coppice - eek!  Here's hoping it all goes okay, it's so much closer than the other school and hopefully he'll have some mates soon.

Let's have a good day, my 3 good things from yesterday were, 
1) my Sunday dinner
2) cuddles watching tele in bed 
3) All eating our dinner together and watching Rambo, educating Aryn in the good old films, he's been watching Tulsa King with Stallone so I said you should see him back in the day.

Today, I already have one good thing, I came in the living room with my cuppa to find Coco on my laptop, the laptop said, we don't recognise you, use your pin number.  Look at that face!

Have a great day, mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx