Ironing can be a real chore and a bore, but getting a good steam iron can definitely make it less arduous

There are a number of modern fabrics that don’t need to be ironed, but when it comes to cottons and natural fabrics, you do need to haul out the ironing board.

Ironing points 

Steam shot is an extra boost of steam for stubborn creases.

Vertical steam allows you to iron hanging items.

Auto shut-off is a safety feature that turns the iron off after a certain period, if left unattended.

Anti-drip system prevents water dripping through the soleplate when the iron is switched to a lower temperature.

Self-clean system prevents blockage of water passages from scale build-up.

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1. Powerful steamer

There are no steam or temperature settings on this iron – it has OptimalTEMP technology. The steam boost is powerful and effective in removing stubborn creases, but it is also noisy. The iron can be locked securely to the base station for easy carrying. A Calc Clean container is included, which allows for easy cleaning of the steam vents. It glides easily over different types of fabrics. Features: 2 400W, maximum steam pressure 5,5 bars, weight 1,3kg (iron)/ 2,7kg (full unit), steam hose 1,6m (from iron to tank), cord 1,7m (from tank to plug), 1,3 water tank, 280g steam shot, self-clean system, auto shut-off

Philips PerfectCare Compact Essential 2400W Steam Generator Iron

The Philips PerfectCare Compact Essential Steam Generator Iron works by projecting steam onto your clothes to even out tough creases with ease. Powerful, continuous steam works faster than a steam iron to tackle even the thickest fabrics.

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2. Powerful and effective

This iron glides so easily over different fabrics. It is fairly heavy, but easy to manage. It has a temperature dial for different heat settings and a steam adjuster from dry through to maximum. The water spray is fine and effective. The steam shot worked creases out of cotton and linen fabric. The water tank has a large capacity. Features: 3 100W, weight 1,8kg, cord 1,9m, 350ml water tank, 200g steam shot, vertical steam, dripstop function, self-clean system, auto shut-off

Bosch Sensixx DA50 Steam Iron - TDA503011P

Big on power, convenience and safety: perfect for everyone who has to do a lot of ironing.


3. Good all-rounder

This iron has numerous steam holes in the base and produces lots of steam. The steam-boost button is located under the handle, making it easy to press while ironing. The soleplate moves well over different fabrics. The tip ensures you can iron those difficult-to-reach places. The antiscale filter removes limescale and magnesium deposits. The filter should be replaced every three months if the water is very hard. Features: 3 000W, weight 1,4kg, cord 1,9m, 330ml water tank, 200g steam shot, vertical steam, antidrip stop, self-clean system, auto shut-off

Taurus Geyser 3000W Eco Dry & Steam Iron

The most powerful iron for the best ironing - with maximum power and a strong steam blast to remove even the most stubborn creases, the Geyser Eco 3000W iron is a force to be reckoned with. With an ultra-gliding anodised sole plate and a strong steam stroke of 200g per minute, this iron allows for vertical ironing as well as deep treatment of garments. The Eco function helps save water and energy for ironing that is still fast and effective.

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4. Vertical steamer

Pressing the self-clean button allows for internal rinsing and cleaning of the soleplate, preventing the build-up of calcium deposits in the steam vents. The vertical-steam feature is useful for removing creases in hanging items like curtains and dresses and on delicate fabrics. This iron has a dial for regulating temperature and steam. Features: 2 400W, weight 1,5kg, cord 1,9m, 320ml water tank, steam shot, vertical steam, anti-drip stop, selfclean system

Russell Hobbs - Garment Complete Steam Iron

The Russell Hobbs Garment Steam Iron has a powerful burst of steam to eliminate all those ugly creases. The adjustable thermostat and steam control prevent burning of clothes and it has a high wattage for faster heat-up time and performance - time-saving on those dreaded laundry days. The vertical steam feature is ideal for suits, dresses and delicate fabrics.


5. Temperature savvy

There is no temperature dial, as this iron has OptimalTEMP technology, so you can iron all types of fabrics without adjusting the temperature. You can adjust the steam, from dry through to maximum. The water spray is fine and the steam-boost button is effective. Features: 2 500W, weight 1,5kg, cord 2m, 300ml water tank, 180g steam shot, vertical steam, drip-stop system, self-clean system, auto shut-off

Philips Perfect Care Azure Iron - GC3920

Iron everything from silk to jeans without adjusting the temperature. Thanks to OptimalTEMP, no dial or settings are needed. So there's no more pre-sorting the laundry, or waiting for the iron to heat up and cool down. You're ready for any fabric, anytime.


6. Light and compact

This iron features pioneering UV light steam technology. This makes smaller water particles that penetrate the fabric better for improved ironing and lower power consumption. There are four electronic steam settings, with a steam-boost trigger under the handle. For longer steaming, you press the steam trigger for one second and the iron will continuously steam for one minute – a handy feature. Features: 1 100W, weight 1,4kg, cord 1,9m, 300ml water tank, vertical steam, anti-drip feature, self-clean system

Russell Hobbs - 1100W Eco UV Iron

Who knew you could do your chores and help save the environment at the same time? The new 1000W Russell Hobbs Eco UV Iron utilises cutting edge technology to enable you to GoGreen and complete your chores in a hassle-free way. With dry and steam functions, ironing has never been Greener. The scratch-resistant, fast gliding anodised aluminium soleplate is sure to produce ultra-crisp results.


7. Two-In-One

The stand for this iron comes with a lock position, which allows the iron to move from corded to cordless. The rear of the iron, with the electric cord, remains behind on the stand. This is such a handy feature, but the iron doesn’t stay hot for very long, so it’s not ideal for heavily creased or thick fabrics. The steam boost is very effective. Features: 2 200W, weight 1,5kg, cord 1,9m, 350ml water tank, vertical steam, anti-drip feature, self-clean system

Russell Hobbs Supreme 2200W Electric Cordless Steam Iron

Cut the ties of conventional ironing with this two-in-one powerful Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Corded and Cordless Iron. This 2200W dry, steam and spray iron fulfils all of your possible needs when it comes to ironing. The ceramic soleplate and powerful burst of steam ensures the iron glides over your clothes and gets rid of those exasperating little creases with ease.

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8. Light Glider

This unit is so easy to iron with – it’s light and moves easily over all fabrics. There is on-board storage for the cord and the steam hose. The Calc’nClean Easy system collects limescale deposits in a separate container for easy removal. The large water tank allows you to do piles of ironing before having to top up. Features: 2 400W, maximum steam pressure 4,3 bars, weight 1kg (iron)/ 3kg (full unit), steam hose 1,7m (from iron to tank), cord 1,9m (from tank to plug), 1,5 water tank, 180g steam shot, vertical steam, self-clean system, auto shut-off

Bosch Series 2 Steam Ironing Station

This compact steam station is designed for easy and powerful ironing. The powerful steam shot tackles the most stubborn creases while the special soleplate with its 3-phase design guarantees an ideal distribution of steam and maximum gliding. The triple-zone ironing technology includes moistening, drying and smoothing processes. The strong steam pressure and a large water tank will help you power through your laundry with ease.

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