Many kids are very excited about creating special gifts to their best friends or family

They also like to make one-of-a-kind outfits for their loved pets, dolls, and toys. If your children are inspired by creating their own crafts, you definitely need to get the best sewing machine for kids that can actually sew and not the one that resembles a toy and doesn’t even have a thread. Safe, easy-to-use, and high-performing sewing machines encourage kids to start sewing and to express their talents and creativity.

But before making your choice, it is vital to keep in mind that children have their own special needs. For example, children under 10 to 12 years old sometimes have difficulties with a standard pedal. Also, it’s better and much safer to start at a slow sewing speed. Therefore, if your child is just in the beginning of their sewing journey, we recommend to pick push-button or slider models that offer a customizable and consistent stitch speed. All in all, you need a machine that is high on safety features. The design should be kid-friendly, easy-to-use, and not intimidating with excess features. Also, it is very necessary that someone more experienced could help a child to learn sewing.
Top 10 Sewing Machines for Kids Review 2020
We analyzed hundreds of customer reviews, took into account both beginners’ and professionals’ experience and picked up the ten sewing machines that are best for children. The key features of these machines are highlighted in the comparison table below. Further, we give the in-detail review of each model, with all the essential pros and cons. We continue with the buying guide that gives you all the information you need to make the right choice. At the end of the research, we announce our overall best sewing machines for kids.
Image and Rating Name and Features Price 9.8 1. Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice
Computerized sewing machine with easy speed control and plenty of features, yet easy to master, coming at a great price
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.5 2. Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701 Best for Skilled Kids Best for Skilled Kids
Feature-rich sewing machine ideal for older kids and teenagers, backed with the free lifetime technical support
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.5 3. Janome 15312 Hello Kitty Best Heavy Duty Machine Best Heavy Duty Machine
Beginner-friendly sewing machine with all basic functions that will serve for many years to come
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.5 4. Singer Talent 3323S Best for Quilting and Sewing Best for Quilting and Sewing
Feature-rich machine, lightweight and portable, ideal to take to sewing classes
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.3 5. Singer Start 1304 Best for Basic Functions Best for Basic Functions
Kid-friendly and straightforward machine without any excessive features ideal for starters
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.3 6. Janome Pink Sorbet Best Durability Best Durability
Great value for the money and the unlimited lifetime warranty make this table a real treasure for serious amateurs
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.0 7. Brother SM1738D Best Design for Kids Best Design for Kids
Neat and little sewing machine that comes with 4 changeable faceplates with Disney heroes
Check PriceRead Our Review 8.7 8. Meditool Lightweight Sewing Machine Best for Dual Speed Control Best for Dual Speed Control
Lightweight and portable sewing machine with a two speed control options
Check PriceRead Our Review 8.7 9. Costway Free-Arm Crafting Mending Sewing Machine Budget Pick Budget Pick
Easy-to-use sewing machine for beginners with a slider sped control, which is also extremely affordable
Check PriceRead Our Review 8.7 10. Singer Simple 3223R Easiest to Use Easiest to Use
Plain and simple sewing machine with a variety of accessories and quilting capability
Check PriceRead Our Review 57. Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 – Editor’s Choice Features Stitches: 310 stitch patterns Stitch selection: LCD display Built-in needle threader: yes Speed control: slider on the front Warranty: 1 year (electrical), 10 years (parts) More features: automatic stop button, memory function for stitch combinations, 7 presser feet, extension table, automatic thread cutter VIEW ON AMAZON 9.8
Now, this is the machine stuffed with features yet easy to use. The computerized Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 performs both sewing and embroidering. You can choose from 310 built-in stitches in total, including 2 full alphabets for lettering and monogramming, 32 utility and 84 decorative stitches. For kids who have the passion for embellishing their belongings, it is a great choice.

While discovering the world of creativity, a child usually wants more and more options, so this investment will fill the bill. The width of the decorative stitches can be set up as desired. The memory function allows saving stitch combinations and settings and use them afterward. In addition, such features as the automatic needle threader and cutter, and adjustable presser foot pressure make the sewing much easier and more fun for kids. The slider on the front gives full control of the sewing speed, which is the easiest type of speed control for children. In the box, there are seven standard pressure feet for different purposes. The accessories coming with the machine make sewing a breeze.

The only flaw of the machine is that, whereas sewing machines by Brother and Singer have a 25-year limited warranty, the Ever Sewn machines are backed by a 10-year limited warranty on mechanical parts and a 1-year warranty on electronics. But we think that the difference of the mechanics’ warranty may be not important because after 10 years of active usage children (or teenagers) will probably want to replace the device with more modern one. However, when it comes to electronics, the one-year warranty is not long enough.

Altogether, the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 has everything that an accomplished sewer needs, so it is recommended to buy this product for kids who already have a positive experience in sewing and like to use gadgets. Many children are more experienced in computerized devices than their parents are, and for young users this model will be just perfect. If a child is not interested in a smartphone or tablet, the feature-loaded device may be intimidating for them.
Pros Great price for performance A wide choice of built-in stitches Sewing and embroidery features Computerized Slider speed control Cons One-year limited warranty May be intimidating for beginners 58. Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701 – Best for Skilled Kids Features Stitches: 27 built-in stitches and 63 stitch functions Stitch selection: stitch dial Built-in needle threader: yes Start/stop button: no Speed control: foot pedal Warranty: 25 years, limited More features: easy stitch selector, LED work area, 6 quick-change sewing feet, instructional DVD, UL/CSA listed VIEW ON AMAZON 9.5
The Brother XM2701 offers a wide variety of built-in stitches and stitch functions. For more accomplished sewers, the machine will be a helping tool for creating personal designs and sewing projects. But for beginners, especially for young ones, some of the features may be unnecessary. The list of built-in stitches includes blind hem, quilting, stretch, zigzag stitches, and many decorative types of stitches. The working area is illuminated with LED light that is bright yet not annoying. The sewing machine provides some other ease-of-use features such as the jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin and the built-in needle threader. The product comes with six quick-change special-purpose feet.

From the professionals’ point of view, for children under 12 years old, it is better to choose models with the speed-regulating button and not with the feet. That’s why some buyers consider this feature as a minus. However, if your child is good with the feet speed control and already has some basic knowledge of sewing machines, then the Brother XM2701 is a right choice. The product is backed by a 25-year limited warranty that is long enough to cover the potential repair. The machine comes with the instructional DVD and user manual in both English and Spanish. In addition, the Brother company provides a free hotline for technical support.
Pros Ideal for the older kids and teenagers Good for custom design projects Lightweight Easy-to-use Automatic one-step buttonholer 25-year limited warranty Free technical support for the life of the product Cons May be intimidating for younger kids Foot pedal speed control 59. Janome 15312 Hello Kitty – Best Heavy Duty Machine Features Stitches: 12 Stitch selection: dials Built-in needle threader: yes Speed control: foot pedal Warranty: 5 years, limited More features: 4 feet included, manual thread tension control VIEW ON AMAZON 9.5
The Hello Kitty is a very famous brand loved by children. But don’t let this cute design fool you—the machine has a heavy-duty interior metal frame and a bunch of features. For instance, it offers four presser feet to properly feed the fabric, a 3-piece dog system, a removable free arm, a buttonhole, and 15 built-in stitches. Stitch length can be adjusted, and even a kid can easily make buttonholes in just four steps. The model is lightweight, portable, and durable. Children can take the machine with them to sewing classes and easily move it while working with fabrics. The automatic needle threader makes sewing faster and easier.

The machine has the foot pedal to regulate the speed of stitching. Some kids have difficulties with this system, so for them, this may be a disadvantage. However, according to reviews, most of the children under 10 years old are good with it. In their reviews, parents say that the Janome 15312 Hello Kitty gives nothing to complain about, except that the machine comes without a cover for storage.

In general, this machine is a very good choice for the price. It is great for children who just starting up. They will have exactly all they need without exceed features. It also comes with a 25-year limited warranty on mechanics and a 5-year limited warranty on electronics, not to mention that Janome provides awesome customer service and technical support.
Pros Beginner-friendly Portable and durable All basic functions Free arm for sewing fabric tubes Cons Comes without a cover Foot pedal speed control 60. Singer Talent 3323S – Best for Quilting and Sewing Features Stitches: 23 Stitch selection: dial Built-in needle threader: yes Speed control: foot pedal Warranty: 25 years, limited More features: 4 feet included, drop-in bobbin VIEW ON AMAZON 9.5
The Singer Talent 3323S is good for passionate novices. It has 23 built-in decorative and utility stitches to customize a child’s design. The stitch length and width are adjustable. Thanks to the high presser foot lifter, the machine can sew through several layers of thick or bulky fabrics. It features the automatic needle threader that threads the eye of a needle for you and protects eyes from fatigue. In addition, there is an easy-to-use one-step buttonholer. A variety of accessories includes one general-purpose presser foot and three special-purpose feet for a zipper, button sewing, and buttonhole.

The device is good for children with little experience in sewing, especially for those who want to join sewing classes. This lightweight model is portable and offers all basic functions with some additional like high piercing power for a blind hem. The only disadvantage of the device is the foot pedal speed control that is comfortable for children older than seven years.

Singer is known worldwide for the outstanding quality of products and long-term warranties. The Singer Talent 3323S is backed with a 25-year limited warranty. The company also provides beginners-friendly customer support.
Pros 23 built-in stitches 25-year limited warranty A wide variety of included accessories Lightweight and portable Ideal for sewing classes Cons Foot pedal speed control 61. Singer Start 1304 – Best for Basic Functions Features Stitches: 6 Stitch selection: stitch dial Built-in needle threader: no Speed control: foot pedal Warranty: 25 years, limited More features: LED light, easy threading, 3 presser feet VIEW ON AMAZON 9.3
With only six built-in stitches, the Singer Start 1304 is a go-to option for beginners. Kids who just start learning how to sew usually don’t need a wide variety of built-in stitches or other functions. They need simple basic features and a user-friendly design, and the machine offers exactly these advantages. The stitches have pre-set length and width, and the machine comes ready to sew, so you can just turn it on, choose one of the stitches, and start a sewing process. The bobbin winding system is simple and automatic, so even a kid can get along with it. One of the super important features that even a simple machine should have is a free arm. The free arm is made for sewing tubes of fabric such as pants hems or sleeves. The Singer Start 1304 has the easy-to-use free arm, and your kids will have no problem with learning how to make a perfect sleeve for a shirt or jacket.

The device has no built-in needle threader and the foot pedal speed control. This is a minus for young inexperienced novices. Nonetheless, children will enjoy sewing with a little help from grown-ups.

Due to its light weight, the model is portable and kids can easily move it and even take it to sewing classes. In the case of an accident, if the machine drops on the leg it will not cause serious harm. The Singer Start 1304 is made by Singer, a company that is famous all over the world for its high-quality products and custom-friendly technical support. The sewing machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty.
Pros Lightweight Kid-friendly Preset stitch lengths and widths Free arm for advanced sewers Not overwhelming features All basic functions Cons Foot pedal speed control No automatic needle threader 62. Janome Pink Sorbet – Best Durability Features Stitches: 15 Stitch selection: dials Built-in needle threader: no Speed control: foot pedal Warranty: 25 years More features: front-loading bobbin system, 4 presser feet, manual thread tension control, LED light, tutorial videos included VIEW ON AMAZON 9.3
The Janome D047252S Pink Sorbet is extremely easy-to-use due to the tutorial videos, including the quick start guide, and built-in bobbin diagram. The machine features 15 built-in stitches, so kids can customize their design. The front-loading bobbin system makes the access to bobbin very easy. Thanks to the heavy-duty metal frame, the device is durable and steady yet lightweight. This means that children can take their portable sewing machine to friend’s home and create a craft together. The LED light illuminates the working space and protects the eyes from fatigue.

The product has only two disadvantages. The first is the foot pedal for controlling stitch speed. Despite many positive reviews, some of the younger children may not be okay with that. The second minus is the manual thread tension control. However, with a little help from parents, children get along with the system easily.

The machine has a long list of advantages, including the removable free arm, 3-piece feed dog system, adjustable stitch length and zigzag width. In addition, there are four feet such as a zipper, 4-step buttonhole, blind hem and general-purpose foot. With the machine come a 25-year limited warranty and a bunch of accessories. Compared to other manufacturers, Janome is one of the best in the market, so buying one of its products, you make a good investment. The sewing machine was designed with novices in mind, so it would be ideal for kids of any age.
Pros Removable free arm Lightweight Ideal for kids of any age Good for custom design projects Easy-to-use 25-year limited warranty Cons Foot pedal for speed control Manual thread tension control 63. Brother SM1738D – Best Design for Kids Features Stitches: 17 Stitch selection: dial Built-in needle threader: no Speed control: foot pedal Warranty: 25 years, limited More features: 4 sewing feet, drop-in top bobbin, instructional DVD VIEW ON AMAZON 9.0
The first thing that jumps out at you when you see this machine is that the design of the Brother SM1738D was made special for kids. You can choose from four faceplates, including Elsa from Frozen, Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse. Children love cartoon characters and perceive the machine as a friend. The product also comes with a stylish Disney dust cover.

In spite of its look, the Brother SM1738D is fully functional and high-performing. It provides 17 built-in utility and decorative stitches. To select your stitch, just turn the dial. The four sewing feet for different purposes allow you to handle general sewing, to create buttonholes, to sew on buttons, and to insert zippers. The device also features a jam-resistant Quick-Set™ drop-in top bobbin, automatic bobbin winding system, and clear bobbin cover, which also adds usability. Additionally, the machine has brightly lit LED work area that let you see all the stitches clearly and easily thread a needle. This model has no built-in needle threader and in the reviews, some users consider this a disadvantage.

Included are a bunch of accessories, such as an extra spool pin, a twin needle, a darning plate, a user manual in both English and Spanish, and an instructional DVD. If your kids are good with foot pedal speed control and they are older than 5, the product will be a good choice for entry-level sewing. If children are younger than 5 or they have difficulties with the system, better choose a model with a slider speed control.
Pros 25-year warranty 4 changeable faceplates with Disney heroes High performing Kid-friendly Ideal for children older than 5 Cons Foot pedal speed control No built-in needle threader 64. Meditool Lightweight Sewing Machine – Best for Dual Speed Control Features Stitches: 16 stitch patterns Stitch selection: dial Built-in needle threader: yes Speed control: two speeds, slider or foot pedal Warranty: not specified More features: built-in carry handle, runs on electricity or batteries VIEW ON AMAZON 8.7
The Meditool sewing machine is lightweight, portable, and has the built-in handle, so children can move it without heavy effort. The device runs on electricity or batteries. This is very convenient while sewing not at home. Thanks to 16 built-in stitches and adjustable stitch length and width, kids can easily customize their design. Affordable in price, the product has the easy stitch selector dial, built-in free arm, automatic bobbin threader, and thread tension control. The one-step auto-sized button-holder allows making perfect buttonholes. The machine also comes with the quick-change sewing feet with narrow hemmer, zipper, zigzag, blind stitch and button sewing feet. The accessories are specialized for different purposes to suit your needs.

The machine has two speeds and two-speed control option. To set a speed a sewer can use the foot pedal control or the slider. According to reviews, parents of the younger children consider the foot pedal control a disadvantage and prefer using the slider. Parents of the older children, on the contrary, claim that their offsprings easily get along with the feet speed control and don’t want to use the slider. Another small complaint that some users have is a problem with the thread tension. Sometimes the machine needs to be rethreaded after shutting off and turning back on. In open source, we did not find information about warranty terms. But in reviews, people rave about reliability and durability of the device. Aside from these issues, the product is one of the best choices for kids who begin to sew.
Pros 12 built-in stitches All basic functions Good for older kids and teenagers Lightweight Cons Occasional problems with a thread Warranty not specified 65. Costway Free-Arm Crafting Mending Sewing Machine – Budget Pick Features Stitches: 12 stitch patters Stitch selection: dial Built-in needle threader: yes Speed control: slider or foot pedal Warranty: not specified More features: work area illumination, runs on electricity or batteries VIEW ON AMAZON 8.7
The Costway Free-Arm Crafting Mending Sewing Machine has many advantages, and the biggest of them is the slider speed control. This feature makes the machine suitable even for very young children under the age of 7 years. With a little help from a more experienced person, they could successfully create their first brand new craft. The device is lightweight, portable, and has the built-in handle for transportation. Charging from batteries makes the machine even more mobile. The mini-size device is good for sewing clothes for dolls and pets. With just a little practice, it is possible to work with bigger items such as a child’s belongings or home décor items.

Unfortunately, with the machine, children can’t sew through heavy materials, for example, they can’t blind hem jeans. And, according to reviews, this model is not good at quilting even with thin and light materials.

Nevertheless, if a child just starts sewing, the simple basic machine provides all the necessary features. Low noise will not disturb anybody while a little sewer has practice. Warranty terms are not specified, but in reviews, people say that the machine works like a champ.
Pros Beginner-friendly All basic functions Easy to transport Slider speed control option Good for children of any age Cons Not specified warranty Not suitable for sewing heavy fabrics or quilting 66. Singer Simple 3223R – Easiest to Use Features Stitches: 23 Stitch selection: dial Built-in needle threader: no Speed control: foot pedal Warranty: 25 years, limited More features: 4 feet included, instructional DVD VIEW ON AMAZON 8.7
This machine is kid-friendly and made with children’s needs in mind. Aside from cute design, the device has a heavy-duty metal frame making it durable. Easy-to-use features include the automatic bobbin winding system. On top of the sewing machine, there is a numbered diagram about how to wind a bobbin. The bobbin will automatically stop turning when filled.

The machine has even more advantages. The Singer Simple 3223R features 23 built-in stitches, including basic utility, decorative, stretch, and more with easy stitch selection. Also, due to its great piercing power and the high presser foot lifter, it can sew through heavy materials. This feature makes it good for quilting, leather design, and working with thick and bulky fabrics. Unfortunately, presser feet are snap on, not attached with a screw. This makes the model slightly less safe for kids under 5 years old. In addition to pros, the free arm provides easy access to difficult-to-reach areas such as pant hems, sleeves, collars, and cuffs.

In the box, there are a variety of accessories, for instance, four types of feet, an edge and quilting guide, instructional manual, and the machine intro DVD. The model is feature-rich so it is best for kids older than 5 years and for teenagers. The warranty is 25-year limited that’s long enough to protect your investment.
Pros Good for quilting and sew heavy fabrics Ideal for kids older than 5 Feature-rich 23 built-in stitches Free arm Cons Too many options for a younger child Snap on presser feet Foot pedal speed control

Buying Guide
With the right sewing machine, teaching your kids how to sew can be incredibly rewarding for both you and them. Our buying guide is a summary of all the essential factors of your choice.
How to choose the best sewing machine for kids?
Kids are open-minded and curious. They learn how to sew quickly and create their own design with great enthusiasm. Apart from practical skills, sewing is good for hand-eye coordination and stimulating a child’s creativity. With the proper supervision, children can start learning how to use a sewing machine at any age, even at the age of three. Kids younger than seven years old are distracted more easily and are likely to lose their interest in sewing quickly. Therefore, it is ideal to start at the age of 7–8 years. It is very important to choose a sewing machine carefully and with children’ needs in mind. With the right equipment, your kids will have all they need to enjoy creating their own crafts and garments.

What are your child’s needs?
Children often start learning how to sew with their parents or family members at home. At this stage, they are usually more interested in a cute design and simple basic functions. They don’t need a wide variety of built-in stitches or many accessories. If you are planning to teach the three or four years old child how to thread a needle, it is better to choose easy-to-use sewing machines with an automatic needle threader.

So these devices are recommended for children older than 5. Most suitable models for kids younger than seven and for those you just starting up are sewing machines with a slider speed control.

The sewing classes for children is a natural sequel of home learning. Sometimes you need to bring on sewing classes your own unit and in this case, you need a portable sewing machine. Such lightweight models like Meditool or Costway have a built-in handle for easy transportation.

More accomplish users at the age of seven and older need more functions such as more than 25 built-in stitches. Some of the kids are into embroidery so they will be happy to own a 2-in-1 embroidery and sewing machine like the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30.
Tip: To choose a sewing machine according to your child’s needs, think about his or her ambitions in sewing and plans in the short run. What to look for in an ideal sewing machine for kids?

Here, we gathered all the essential information from hundreds of the analyzed reviews to highlight principal features of the ideal sewing machine for kids.
Mechanical or computerized?
There are two differences between computerized and mechanical sewing machines. The first is a price – the mechanical ones are cheaper yet have all functions for general sewing. The second is an interface when it comes to the computerized models – it can be overwhelming for some children. For beginners and young kids, it is better to choose mechanical machines like the Singer Start 1304. For more advanced users and teenagers, you should prefer devices with computer control like the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30.
Stitches and stitch selection
For novices and very young kids, it is okay to have less than ten built-in stitches. The Singer Start 1304 offers six built-in stitches and that’s enough for general sewing. More accomplish users and children who learn sewing on classes need about 20-30 utility and decorative stitches. Most of the models from our list provide this number. For inspired sewers who want to embroider or to create stunning masterpieces, we recommend the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 that has more than 300 built-in stitches.

According to users, dial stitch selection is better for beginners. This feature has most of the models from our list, for instance, the Brother XM2701, Janome Pink Sorbet, Singer Simple 3223R and some others.
Built-in needle threader

A built-in needle threader makes rethreading a needle very fast and easy. Without this feature, the eyes may feel frustration and the child may lose interest. So it is better to prefer models with a built-in needle threader such as the Singer Talent 3323S or others from our list.
Speed control
While learning how to sew, it is always better to start with a low speed. Also, take into account the type of speed control. With a slider, it is easier to set an ideal speed than with a foot pedal. In several reviews, parents complain about difficulties that a child has with a foot pedal speed control. However, some of the children are very good with a standard pedal and sew with a consistent speed and accuracy. From our list, one model has slider speed control. It’s the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30. And another model, the Meditool sewing machine has both slider and pedal speed control which may be ideal for those who doesn’t know what to choose.
Drop-in bobbin
There are two main types of a bobbin system in sewing machines. The first is the front-loading bobbin system that is used with plastic bobbins. For example, the Janome Pink Sorbet has this bobbin system type. The second is the drop-in bobbin system, and most of the described machines have this type. The drop-in bobbin system is better for big projects because it is used with metal bobbins that hold more thread. This means that you will not have to remove a material to change the bobbin. Therefore, if your child sews occasionally, you can choose any type, but if the kid is productive, then a drop-in bobbin is easier-to-use.
Price and warranty
You should consider the warranty terms before buying, because children likely may break the machine. So, we include in our list the models with a good warranty. An average price for a simple sewing machines is about $100-200, and if you want to stay within a little budget, then Costway sewing machine would be a good choice. The general rule is the more features, the higher the price. But there are some pleasant exceptions, for example, the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 has an excellent quality, a long-term warranty, and yet costs under $500.
Our Verdict
The best sewing machine for kids from all points of view is the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30. Consider this as a good investment in the future. If your child is too young to get along with all its features, you can be a supervisor until he or she will have enough sewing skills to do it on their own. For complete beginners, we recommend the Costway Free-Arm Crafting Mending Sewing Machine, with all its basic features and a slider speed control. Our third favorite machine was the high performing and feature-rich Brother XM2701, which offers great features for the price. It is always better to start sewing with the right equipment, so choose the best for your child without hesitating.

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