Red, White and Blue Binge

As was documented on my last wordless Wednesday I went down the rabbit hole.  I pulled out my stash of patterns and perused and oh’d and ah’d and lost a couple of hours  while contemplating all the potential.   I first pulled our all the patterns I wanted to complete.  Thanks to a friend, Linda W., I used her tip to take that stack and divide it into A, B and C preference piles.  This allowed me to narrow down my project list to a manageable amount.   I chose UFOs, smaller projects, larger projects and came up with what I felt was a manageable final selection.   (I laugh at myself)  Since I finished the year with a flurry of Christmas ornaments, I think when I need a quick finish fix, I will dive into the cross stitch magazines Christmas editions for an ornament or two.  I plan to do a lot of stitching from stash this year but I  know something will come along that I will have-to-have or start. (Again, I laugh at myself as I already have a list for shopping  online at Salty Yarns' Super Bowl Sale.)  As for my selections, each has been kitted, bagged, labeled and is it in my stitching basket that is kept by my stitching chair.   

On New Years Day I started A Flag of Stars by Bent Creek.   It is finished and I have ordered a 6x6 Mill Hill frame to mount it.   It will join my other patriotic pieces in my upstairs bath.

This is how far I was when I picked this up again.

I pulled out Land That I Love by Theresa Kogut.   It is almost  a new start.  I only worked on it only one weekend when my friends and I started it as a SAL in October.   I try to put in an hour each morning and then again each afternoon.   I am using the called for colors except for the fabric.  I chose 36 count Aspen instead of the called for Tin Roof.   Ok, here’s to progress on another patriotic stitch.

Not a ton of progress

New to me are these magnets.   I like them a lot better than the oversized clothes pin type I was using.   Amazon!

My changes so far to the pattern, are using a smyrna cross in the center of the white flower.

I am also using a smyrna cross for the letters in the alphabet.   The pattern calls for the letters USA to be stitched in a different red.   I instead I am stitching my initials in the different shade of red.  

I started HOD Year of Celebration.   I didn’t get far.   My ’plan’....(and again, I laugh at myself) to stitch on smaller pieces  during the weekend and save the bigger projects during the week.  

Here too, I am using the smyrna cross in the center of the snowflakes.  Pulling from stash I selected  WDW icicle for the snow.

As for Wordless Wednesday, I hate to say some weeks it is hard to come up with something that I think can be posted without words but still be relatable.  Instead of being carefree, some weeks it is work. I decided I am only going to post a Wordless Wednesday when the spirit moves me.....since we are again in semi lock down due to Covid, there is only so much of my house and projects that I can find to excite me so to speak.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay safe, stay healthy, wear your mask and keep on stitching.