Sometimes white is hard to wash and avoid it turning yellow over time, however, this laundry tip by Andrea Jean Cleaning on YouTube shows how to brighten whites naturally with no bleach required

Honestly, I love wearing white clothes, but I would avoid wearing the same exact shirt often because I would be afraid of getting it worn out or dirty. Also, this goes with towels and bedsheets, because if you don’t have good care for them, it ruins their longevity. There are two different tricks to brighten those whites using different items. It’s interesting because my parents would always use bleach to whiten whites, but the smell would be so strong. I think these are great laundry tips to keep in mind for the future when I wash my whites.


Borax or baking soda and vinegar


First, depending on which method you choose, use half a cup of Borax and pour it on the bottom of your washing machine. The other option would be adding 3/4 cup of baking soda to the bottom of the washing machine.  Then, add any of your whites into the machine. If you want to remove any odors or give it an extra boost, add about 1/2 cup vinegar to the water once it’s full.

Image by Andrea Jean Cleaning via YouTube


Next, put the detergent in like you normally would, and run the washing machine on the hot setting. This helps with the stain-fighting process better. Continue to watch

Image by Andrea Jean Cleaning via YouTube
In conclusion, the two different methods work to brighten your whites naturally, but she does recommend the Borax method. I usually wash my whites by spraying on Shout or using Oxi-Clean with laundry detergent. This would be a nice way to wash my whites differently because I love white towels, sheets, and clothing.

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