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Sew it simple. Sew to have fun. How? It’s straightforward after you learn Nancy Zieman’s Absolute Easiest Way to Sew! This time, Nancy shares how to insert an invisible zipper. To seamlessly—pun intended—insert an invisible zipper into the seam use this modified approach, attaching the facing before sewing the zipper. It’s a new approach and one of Nancy’s absolute easiest sewing tips.

How to Insert an Invisible Zipper into a Top, Tunic, or Dress

Stitch the shoulder seams.
Fuse Pellon Sof-Shape Interfacing to the wrong sides of front and back neckline facing fabrics.
Stitch facing shoulder seams.
Do not stitch the center back seam, at this point.
Align facing to garment, right sides together, matching notches. Pin.
Stitch facing to neckline.

Grade seam allowances, using a 45 mm Rotary Cutter and Pinking Blade – for the fastest and easiest results.

Press seam allowances toward facing.

Understitch, stitching seam allowances to the facing. Use a multi-zigzag stitch!

Flatten out the zipper tape, pressing zipper teeth to the outside.

Place a piece of Sewers Fix It Tape above the zipper stop – on the front side of the upper left zipper.

With a Pen Style Chaco Liner, and 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge, mark the 5/8″ seam allowances along both sides of the center back seam. Begin marking at neckline seam, and continue marking the length of the zipper opening.
Align one side of the zipper tape to the corresponding side of the garment, right sided together, meeting zipper teeth to the 5/8″ marked line and placing top zipper teeth slightly below the neckline seam.

Pin just this one side of the zipper – to the fabric.

Attach an invisible Zipper Foot to sewing machine. Starting at neckline seam, position presser foot on top of zipper tape. Position needle to stitch on the zipper tape – just to the right of the zipper teeth.

After stitching, close the zipper and check that the zipper stop is directly below the neckline seam.
Align the second half of the zipper at the top of the neckline, right sides together, placing the remaining side of the zipper to the remaining garment edge – at the same distance from the top of the neckline.
Align zipper teeth to the marked line. Pin. Stitch.

After stitching close the zipper, close zipper and check that both neckline seams align.
Fold facing over zipper tape; hand stitch with Needle and thread.



Pin lower portion of seam from the bottom of zipper to lower hem.
Move invisible zipper foot completely to the left of the needle. Stitch seam from the lower zipper stopping point – to the lower garment hem.

Ta dah!


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