Top Tips for An Incredible Adventure in Uganda

If you’re looking for an adventure travel experience, look no further than Uganda. Proclaimed as the Pearl of Africa, this wonderful little country has improved a lot over the years. It’s now one of the safest places to travel to in the region, offering a whole host of fun and incredible things to do or see. 

Those of you that are interested in going to this gorgeous country should read the following guide. Below, we’ll show you some of the top tips for an amazing adventure in Uganda.

Book flights during the peak wildlife viewing months

It’s funny, when you’re traveling to Uganda, you don’t want to choose a time that correlates to the weather. Instead, you’re looking at the best time to go to see as much wildlife as possible. Ultimately, this is the key attraction in this country. It’s a phenomenal place full of various species of wildlife that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Consequently, you need to ensure that you’ll actually see these animals while you’re there! The best times to visit are between June and September or December and February. Of course, flights are likely to be slightly more expensive during these times. However, if you plan them outside of the main holiday dates (like peak summer or winter) you should be able to save some money. 

If you get to Uganda during these dates, you’re guaranteed to see lots of wonderful wildlife during your trip. 

There are so many places that offer unforgettable bucket list experiences, but few provide you with the same unique delights that you find in Uganda. Discover some top tips for an amazing adventure in Uganda!
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Plan a chimpanzee trek

Going on an Adventure in Uganda to see the Chimpanzees
Treks are a highlight feature of Uganda. If you look around, you will see lots of companies offering different treks through various areas of the country. One of the treks you definitely need to plan is a chimpanzee one. You’ll be walking with great apes in Uganda, seeing chimps in their natural habitat. Many of the forests here are littered with different chimpanzees, but Kibale is easily the most popular. 

Here, you will find 13 different primate species, with over a thousand chimps living here. Your tour guide will lead you through the forest, getting up close and personal with these impressive creatures. You’ll see them interact with one another while also paying close attention to you and the other tourists. They really are such unique and inquisitive animals; it’s an experience that’s hard to replicate anywhere else. 

Plan a gorilla trek

Similarly, you cannot go to Uganda without seeing some mountain gorillas. This is one of the few countries on earth where gorillas are found in their natural habitats. It is a unique experience that’s both exciting and terrifying. Well, terrifying isn’t the right word as companies set up these treks to track gorillas and they are very safe. But your heart definitely pounds as you watch these massive apes trundle around on the forest floor. 

Plus, all types of treks in Uganda are filled with a sense of adventure. You are brought through some of the unique climates and landscapes of the country. There will be a lot of walking, trekking through forests and climbing steep hills. It’s not for the faint-hearted, so make sure you’re prepared for a lot of physical activity!

Enjoy a safari

Seeing the Elephants in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda
There’s no need to go and experience a safari in one of the neighboring African countries. It is possible to see four or the big five here in Uganda, with rhinos being the only animal missing. However, you can still see them in a sanctuary, so that’s better than nothing. 

The beauty of these safaris is that they give you different backdrops to traditional African safaris. Instead of wide-open plains, you will travel around volcanic craters and massive open lakes. One pro tip is to organize a safari in one of the national parks. It means you can travel through a regular route that’s easy for you to walk or drive around in a group. You will see so much during this experience; it’s a proper Ugandan adventure!

Pack suitable clothing for your adventure

It’s super important that you’re dressed for your adventure in Uganda. You can’t rock up in shorts and a t-shirt for one of the wild treks through a rainforest. Instead, you need suitable footwear that’s waterproof and can handle tricky terrain. It’s also useful to have some sort of backpack that you can bring with you, with enough space inside for water bottles, sunscreen, etc. 

I’d strongly recommend you pack some waterproofs as well. Uganda is one of the hottest places in Africa as it sits on the equator. However, it is prone to the odd shower now and then – especially in the rainforests. So, expect it to be very humid with the chance of rain constantly in the air. You need some waterproof clothes just in case you get caught in a ten-minute rainstorm. 

Be aware of ‘Africa Time’

The final tip for an incredible adventure in Uganda is to be aware of a little thing called Africa Time. You’ll hear the locals talk about this all the time with a laugh and a smile on their faces. It’s a well-known thing in this continent that schedules rarely go along as planned. There will usually be delays and things that aren’t quite how you expected. 

So, if you’re one of those people that loves to do things on time all the time, you need to check your expectations. You will experience delays and little setbacks here and there, but you’ll still get to have a thrilling time. It’s not that your plans will get canceled or ruined, it’s more that they might not run-on time. Temper your expectations, and you’ll find the whole trip more enjoyable. 

Now Let’s Visit Pearl of Africa

a Lone Tree in Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda

And there you have it; some top tips for an insane Ugandan adventure. This country is so underrated when it comes to amazing travel destinations. Yes, there are so many places on earth that offer unforgettable bucket list experiences, but few can provide you with the same unique delights that you find in Uganda. If you’re interested in a proper adventure, these tips will ensure you get the absolute most out of your visit to the Pearl of African.

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