Travel Gifts for Women A Full-Time Nomad Shares Her Top Picks

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Great travel gifts for women can be hard to find. Dont worry. Youve found the solution! For the last 7 years Ive travelled full-time and I know exactly what travel gear can make a trip terrific. So if youre ready to check her name off your gift list, read on!

Whats in our guide to travel gifts for women?

As a full-time traveller for the past seven years, and a frequent traveller in the preceding decades, Ive learned a thing or 20 about the little luxuries that help make travel amazing.

If theres a travelling woman in your life who deserves a great gift, youll find it on this list.

Whether youre looking for a big showstopper of a present, a travel experience you can enjoy together, or a stocking stuffer to make her smile, youll find it among these travel gift ideas.

If youre looking for gifts for a friend going travelling, a travel gift for a business traveller, or a fun travel gift for your girlfriend or wife, weve got you covered.

So if youre ready to check her off your list then read on for

Travel Gifts for Women

In case you dont find the perfect gift here, take a look at our guide to Travel Essentials for Women. You might also want to use our minimalist packing guide, or our guide to packing light in just a carry-on suitcase.

woman walking the great wall of china
Jane hiking the Great Wall of China wearing her light-weight waterproof jacket.

What Makes a Great Travel Gift for Her?

Warning! Most gifts for people who travel are so BORING.

Please dont make the mistake of buying her a travel adaptor or compression socks. You wont be facing a happy lady on her special day.

A great gift should be personal, meaningful and build on the connection you have with the recipient. The gift should also be useful and durable something that will last for years to come.

The best gifts for travellers are:

  • Portable Dont be that person who weighs down her suitcase with useless junk. Make sure your gift is packable and portable.
  • Durable Travel is tougher on stuff than everyday life. So anything you get should be built to endure the rigours of the road.
  • Useful Great travel gifts should be useful every day of the trip and become an essential part of her travel kit.
  • Fun Sure, you could give her yet another travel scarf, but whats the fun in that? Ideally, your gift should be something shed LOVE to have but wont likely buy herself.

OK, I know that sounds like a lot but dont let it worry you. The good news is, there are plenty of travel gifts for women that fulfill all those requirements and more. Just keep reading!

suitcase woman travel
I love my Standard Luggage Carry-on suitcase. Look how stylish, and portable!

Travel Gifts She Cant Leave Home Without

This section is all about the travel basics that can make or break a trip. If she doesnt have great luggage, a perfect day pack, and a secure and slim travel wallet, then start here.

These are the essential travel gifts for her that will make her think of you fondly every day of her trip.

Durable luggage shell love for years to come

If her luggage is worn out, has broken wheels or splitting seams, or is just too big for her to lift properly, then new luggage makes the perfect travel gift. After all, nobody wants their luggage to split open in the middle of a busy street, mid-flight, or to find underwear and other unmentionables on display on the airport luggage belt.

Before you buy, consider her particular travel style. Does she travel mostly to cities, or is she taking off on an adventure across Southeast Asia? Will she be staying in hostels, 5-star accommodation, or something in between? Her travel style will make a big difference to the type of luggage she needs.

Soft-Sided Convertible Suitcase

Ive been travelling with the Standard Luggage Carry-on for about 5 years now and its still going strong. I love this suitcase because its lightweight when empty and squishable enough that it fits into small taxi trunks or slim overhead bins.

It also has about a dozen pockets to keep me organized, including an easily accessible laptop pocket and two outer pockets for all my urgently needed items.

Plus, it coverts from a regular suitcase into a backpack for those days when I have to climb stairs or make my way down a narrow cobbled alleyway to the hotel.

Check prices and photos

Convertible Wheelie Backpack

Though I love my Standard Luggage, I do sometimes wish it had wheels (usually when I am rushing to a flight down a long airport concourse).

Thats why Ive decided that my next suitcase has got to be the Osprey Ozone. This clever backpack comes with built-in wheels, so she can roll it on smooth terrain and carry it when the going gets tough.

It also comes with a guarantee that Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge.

Check prices & details

Hard-Sided Luggage in Striking Colors

If you want to get her something tough but feminine (a lot like her?) or a suitcase she can spot from 1000 yards away, the Kenneth Cole Reaction suitcase might be perfect. It is carry-on size, budget priced, and comes with lots of bells and whistles, like multi-directional wheels, interior compartments and zipper pockets, plus a 10-year warranty.

You can choose from a range of fab, flashy colors, like Rose Gold, Kelly Green, and Cobalt Blue.

Check prices & details

Anti-Theft Daypack

If she already has a great suitcase, then next on the list is an anti-theft travel daypack. A pack like this will keep her most precious items safe, makes it easy to stay organized, and will be her constant companion, both on the road or during her daily commute.

The Tzowla daypack has plenty of space for a laptop, charger, phone, and snacks to carry on the plane. Plus, it has lots of organized compartments (a must for a travel daypack), comes with a security lock on the main compartment, and a USB port for on-the-go charging.

Unlike many travel daypacks, which only come in shades of grey, this one is available in lots of bright colors and patterns, perfect for the woman who likes to stand out.

Check prices and details

Amazing Travel Experiences for Her

Experiences make the best gifts for travellers they are fun, exciting, memorable and dont take up any room in her suitcase.

If shes one of those women who already has everything, then give her an experience she wont forget. Sharing experiences with the people we love is one of the quickest routes to happiness, so make her extra happy by booking yourself a ticket, too.

Treat Her to a Wellness Retreat

woman in a swimming pool wearing a sun hat
Theres nothing quite like a wellness retreat to transform her body and soul. What a great gift!

A retreat can be the perfect way to say thank you to the woman in your life for all that she is and does for the people around her. Some retreats are all about relaxation and stress relief, focussing on spa treatments and healthy food. But some retreats can involve lots of activity, like daily yoga and surf lessons.

This 3-day meditation and yoga retreat in Bali, in luxury accommodation overlooking the glorious green rice fields looks terrific. If not Bali, how about a 5-day eco-friendly yoga and detox retreat in Portugal or a 3-day womens wellness and empowerment retreat in New York?

Whichever style and destination you choose, shell be sure to feel transformed after a few days of focus on self-care. Give her the gift of a truly transformational experience.

Find her perfect retreat

Feed Her Soul with a Cooking Class

If shes planning a trip soon, treat her to a cooking class at her destination. A good cooking class isnt just a chance to learn how to make the local cuisine its a complete introduction to the role that food plays in the culture. Its also a great way to learn how to find the best, most authentic cuisine while you travel.

vegan cooking class in thailand
Jane learning about the importance of the ritual around food Thai daily life from Chef Aey.

For women who love to travel but arent planning a trip, seek out a cooking class close to home maybe you can find one featuring the cuisine of her dream destination.

Find a cooking class

Gift Her a City Food Tour

Whenever I get to a new destination, I love taking a tour of the citys best foodie spots. Each country and city has its own culinary personality, and you can learn a lot from tasting a variety of the local dishes.

A great food tour is one of the best ways to help her discover food shed probably miss on her own and to help her start eating like a local from day one.

Find a food tour

Take Her on a Bike & Boat Trip

One of my favourite ways to experience a new place is by bicycle. Bikes give you access to so many places that cars cant go. Plus, they bring you to street level and slow your pace so you can interact with locals and find out what life is like for them.

Travelling by boat, she can sit back and relax while exploring a destination from a perspective that few people ever see.

A bike and boat trip makes a unique travel gift for her that shell remember long after most of her travel memories fade.

bicycle street art panang george town
Try to rent a better bicycle than this for her!
Photo: Famous bicycle art in George Town, Malaysia.

In Asia, our favourite bike and boat tours come from Grasshopper Adventures, where local guides take you to secret places that most tourists never go.

Find an Asian bike & boat trip

In Europe or North America, GetYourGuide is an easy way to find the perfect bicycle day trip.

Essential Techie Travel Gifts for Women

Who says women dont like tech? Personally, I love it when I get gifted a new gadget that Ive had my eyes on. If the woman youre shopping for loves her tech toys, consider these techie travel gifts.

Phone camera lenses for amazing photos

Does she shoot her travel photos on her phone?

If so, then a great set of add-on lenses is the perfect way to make her photos amazing.

There are lots of kinds available, but I like the Moment lens system.

The kit starts with a Moment phone case, which is designed so the add-on lenses can be screwed right into it, giving a secure and perfectly aligned housing for the lens. With a case in place, she can add on whichever lenses she wants. I recommend the Wide 18mm and Tele 58mm lenses as the perfect travel lens starter kit.

phone with wide-angle lens attachment
A woman using the Moment wide-angle lens. Photo via Moment, Inc.

Note: You can get Moment lenses for iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, and OnePlus.

Check prices & reviews for Moment lenses

Noise-cancelling headphones for improved sanity

If she travels a lot, the stress of noisy airports, busy city streets, and crowded events can take its toll. With a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, you can help her reduce the buzz of travel to a pleasant hum.

Ever since Stephen got a pair of Sony noise cancelling headphones about a year ago, I have been coveting them from afar (and from near I borrow/steal them frequently).

If you want to really make her year, get her the Bose QuietComfort 35 II in Rose Gold. These headphones will help keep her entertained and sane as she travels and shell think of you every time she uses them.

Check prices & reviews

Wallet phone case for sleek security

Carrying a heavy bag or even a light backpack around all day while travelling can be supremely annoying. Help her lighten her load with a slimline wallet phone case.

I love the Wallet Slayer case from Smartish, which holds 3 cards plus cash, protects her phone, and turns into a clever kickstand for when she wants to watch movies on the plane.

Plus, they come in a great range of colors and can even be customized with several fun designs, including cartoon cats, tropical flowers, and colorful pineapples.

Smartish cases are available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Travel Gifts to Bring Her Sexy Back

Bluffworks travel clothes

Finally, theres a line of womens travel clothes that puts as much effort into functionality as it does into style.

little black dress travel women
The Bluffworks Trevi dress.

Stephen has been wearing Bluffworks travel clothes for men for a few years now but, much to my joy, the first pieces of the womens line have just been released.

I am a huge fan of the Azores blouse and have been wearing it constantly since I got it. Its a silky-feeling dressy blouse with lots of functionality built in.

Most importantly, the fabric is breathable, which makes it the perfect cover-up in hot locations or the perfect layer in the cold. Plus, it is anti-odor, wrinkle-resistant, and machine washable for easy care on the road.

If you want to get her a go-anywhere outfit, pair the blouse with the Trevi pants. They are also wrinkle-resistant and come with 8 pockets, including several hidden zipper pockets for extra security. Plus, they look great on ideal for a dressy evening out!

For those of you worried about getting the wrong size or color, a Bluffworks gift card is the perfect answer.

Give her the perfect travel outfit

Travel skincare set

Travel can be unforgiving to your skin.

It starts with that ultra-dry airplane air. Then there are dusty, smoggy city streets, sweaty days outdoors, excessive sun exposure and late nights of fun.

A travel skincare set will help her reverse the effects of travel while shes on the road. I have been using Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses face cream for a few months now and would love to get their whole skincare range. Luckily, the set is available in a mini travel kit, so she can keep her skin glowing no matter what her travels throw at her.

This little kit makes the perfect stocking stuffer for a travelling woman.

Give her the gift of beautiful skin

Tempur-Pedic travel pillow

Heres another item that Stephen has and that I try to steal on a daily basis.

Travelling a lot means sleeping on random pillows that always seem to be too thick or too thin, too hard or too soft. Uncomfortable pillows have led to more sleepless nights than I can count. A Tempur-Pedic travel pillow is on my gift list this year so I can sleep better, feel better and look better every morning on my travels.

While a pillow might not seem that sexy, shell look and feel much sexier after a solid sleep than she does after tossing and turning all night. And shell have you to thank every morning when she wakes up feeling refreshed and ready for another great travel day.

Get her a travel pillow

Ergonomic eye mask

Have you ever tried to fall asleep in a brightly lit room, or under the glaring lights on an airplane? So impossible.

A good eye mask solves this problem and will let her wake up bright and shiny (rather than pale and grouchy) each day.

The handmade Mavogel eye mask is specially designed to keep her eyes free from pressure, block out all light seepage, and be so soft and comfortable she wont even notice shes wearing it.

A good sleep is the key to a great day of travel and this mask will help.

Get the Mavogel eye mask

A Final Word About Travel Gifts for Women

I know it can be tough to buy the perfect gift for the woman in your life. I hope this list has given you some great ideas I can guarantee that each item Ive picked is versatile, functional, and useful for a woman who travels. But only you can decide if its the right gift to make her eyes light up and understand how much you appreciate her.

If nothing on this list works, or she really has everything she needs, think about giving a charitable gift in her name instead.

Just think about what shes passionate about whether that be empowering girls and women, the environment, or something else entirely and pick a related charity. Once youve chosen, make a donation, get a personal card, and wrap it all up in an elaborate package to make an extra special gift.

We hope youve found this guide to womens travel gifts useful. We want all our readers to experience the transformational powers of travel, so why not help her along with one of these travel gifts? If you have any questions about this list, give me a shout on email or Instagram.

Happy transformational travels, Jane & Stephen

Were not going to lie, it takes a LOT of work to create travel guides like this. But its easy to help us out! If you book or buy something using one of our personal links in this post, well earn a small fee at no extra cost to you. Of course, we would never recommend anything we didnt 100% believe in! Huge thanks in advance! S&J

Good travel gifts for women can be hard to find. Don't worry. Help is here! As a nomad for the last 7 years, I've had a chance to discover exactly what pieces of travel gear can make a trip terrific. You'll find all my faves in this post. Ready to find the perfect gift and check her name off your list? Click to get it done. #travelgear #travel #myfiveacres #gifts #travelgifts
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