Watermelon Flower Pots

Hello TGIF Readers! Get ready for a great craft that most kids of any age group can make.  Even little ones can paint these Watermelon Flower Pots.  Every pot will probably look different but that’s half the fun!

Watermelon Flower Pots 

Let’s get started with the items that you will need to make these:

Terra Cotta Pot (any size), foam paint brushes, small paint brush and then some acrylic craft paint in pink, light green, kelly green and black.  Red paint would also be a great choice if you like that look better instead of pink.

Start by taking a foam brush and painting the bottom part of the pot with the pink paint.  Let completely dry.  Paint another coat if needed.

Watermelon Flower Pots

Paint the rim of your pot with the Kelly green paint and let dry again.

Add some light green paint on the rim to make it look like a watermelon rind. 

Last but not least, it’s time to make the watermelon seeds.  Use your small paintbrush and black paint and dot away!

Watermelon Flower Pots

Let all paint completely dry and then you are ready to plant.  You can plant flowers but we love the look that the succulents make in these Watermelon Flower Pots.

These are fun to  put in kids bedrooms because succulents are so easy to take care of but they also make great gifts!

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Watermelon Flower Pots

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