We had a little retail therapy and shopping session the other night

Seeing all the things for fall has me excited and sad at the same time. Summer has flown by and here we are looking at fall fashions and college clothes for her. I put together college clothes packing list and tips to help you!

Sammie will be heading back to college for her sophomore year. It only makes sense that we picked her up a few new needed outfits, a new stylish backpack… This year she wants to take fewer clothes with her to college (all her other stuff is in storage near her campus). Live and learn. She over-packed her clothes for the freshman year. But, it’s still no easy task for someone who loves fashion! lol

What Clothes To Bring To College

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How many clothes for college?

Not as many college outfits as you think! Create A Capsule Wardrobe For College – Pick must have items to get you from warm weather through the winter.

The post content may contain affiliate links. By clicking on these links and then purchasing something through them we earn a small commission, at no added cost to you.

College Clothes Packing List

Clothing Essentials For Her

Basic essentials 10-14 underwear. 1-2 period panties (Protect your clothes when near starting your cycle). 3 bras, 3 sport bras and socks. Pjs.

Jeans like these are a must. Bring at least 2-3 pairs of jeans.

Jogger Sweatpants, leggings or something cozy to wear.
Shorts – dressy shorts, casual shorts, and athletic shorts.
1-2 Skirts – She got this a line plaid skirt. It’s super cute and comes in a variety of colors… And a flowy skirt.
7-10 Tops, tee shirts and tanks – To mix and match making outfits. Go for basic colors and a few stripes or patterns.
Bring 3-5 Dresses. Sundress. A Shortsleeve bodycon polo dress (she got the brown, it’s so cute). She already had a sleeveless bodycon dress like this (she likes to layer tops and jackets over to change the looks). One dressy dress for going out.

Sweater or cardigan.
Don’t forget a few Sweatshirts – oversized sweatshirt and or crop sweatshirt for when it gets colder

Windbreaker (waterproof for rainy weather)

Jacket like this. The jacket is light, keeps you warm and is easy to pack. Or a coat.
Cute canvas bucket hat for summer/fall and a bucket hat for winter.
Shoes – sandals (shes in Arizona) tennis shoes (she plays tennis), workout/running shoes, every day shoes, boots

Swim Suits – She got all her swim suits here. They were cute, affordable and so many styles to pick from.

Stylish Backpack for all her college gear, laptop and books.

Are you ready to shop for all things college? Shop at Target right here or On Amazon for Dorm Room Essentials.

Where to shop for outfits? Some of our favorite places to find clothes are Target, Jane, Shein and Amazon…

Printable College Clothes Packing List (for her)

You can click to print these packing checklists or use the link to edit it in Canva! Be sure to rename the file before editing it!

Printable College Packing List PNG file
Printable College Packing List PDF file

Editable Printable College Packing List ( Use this template in Canva – You can sign up for a free account) Rename your file prior to editing as you like and print the file!

College Packing Tips

The main thing is pick outfits and clothes you love to wear and feel comfortable in. Be sure to pack for seasonal weather changes for the season/semesters you will be attending college.

It’s easy to over pack. Start sorting must-have outfits and optional outfits early. Decide on your maybes and weed them out!

We picked up a trunk like this for all the clothes. Put shoes in a separate moving box. We put all the jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts in a separate box too.

We found this iPhone app called Stylebook you might enjoy using it too. It has all kinds of handy features for fashion lovers.

Stay tuned for our college essentials list and printable college packing checklist! The college tips will be so helpful to you! (Especially if you are a college freshman). Be sure to subscribe below and never miss a post.

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