Your ultimate guide to buying Bosch appliances

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You’ve heard about Bosch dishwashers: how quietly they run, how reliable they are, and how well they clean. But did you know that Bosch is about much more? As part of a German parent company, BSH Home Appliances, the brand also makes luxury refrigerators, compact washers and dryers, and high-end cooking appliances for the home.

With 130 years of experience designing and building appliances in Germany, the U.S., and other countries, Bosch has a reputation for making quality products. When you’re remodeling your kitchen or laundry room, keep these Bosch appliances at the top of your list.
Bosch manufactures dishwashers at a plant in New Bern, North Carolina. Depending on model, they’re available in a variety of price ranges, with different designs and features. Under the hood, the dishwashers are nearly identical, allowing buyers to hop in at the level they prefer.

All Bosch dishwashers operate quietly, clean dishes thoroughly, and rock a streamlined style that fits well into modern kitchens. The company’s dishwashers use the condensation method to get dishes dry, meaning they dry with hot water instead of hot air. Its latest 800 and Benchmark models have added the mineral zeolite to make the drying process even more effective.

Bosch 100 Series dishwashers
You can enhance your kitchen with a Bosch dishwasher even if you’re on a budget. A dishwasher from the Bosch 100 Series line offers value pricing with desirable Bosch performance. At 50 dBA, it’s not the quietest Bosch dishwasher, but the sound is barely noticeable.

The Normal and Heavy cycles do an impressive job getting rid of the toughest food stains. Although it doesn’t have a complete third rack, this model’s small utility rack is large enough for a soup ladle or a full place setting of silverware.
Where to Buy: $449.00 at Abt $449.10 at Home Depot $449.99 at Best Buy

Bosch 300 Series dishwashers
With Bosch’s signature performance, dishwashers in the 300 series are quiet (between 44 and 46 dBA), have flexible tines for easy loading, and are easy to use with only four cycles: Normal, Heavy, Speed60, and Eco. The interior is well organized.

Although the standard third rack isn’t deep enough for cereal bowls, it’s fine for holding silverware. Available panel-ready, these dishwashers can be concealed inside cabinetry to bring the kitchen’s design front and center.
Where to Buy: $1,029.10 at AppliancesConnection $1,034.10 at Home Depot $1,034.00 at Abt $1,034.99 at Best Buy

Bosch 500 Series dishwashers
A great value with most of Bosch’s best features, dishwashers in the 500 series provide excellent cleaning and quiet operation at 44 dBA. Among the most popular dishwasher models, Bosch 500 Series dishwashers now get dishes dryer by cracking the door open after the cycle completes.

All the racks inside feel sturdy and glide smoothly, and the third rack is a convenient place to line up cutlery, freeing up real estate elsewhere in the dishwasher. The sleek exterior is all about contemporary style, which is important because the 500 Series models are not available panel-ready.
Where to Buy: $849.10 at AppliancesConnection $854.00 at Abt $854.99 at Best Buy

Bosch 800 Series dishwashers
It’s easy to love the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers for their top-notch performance, near-silent operation (some as low as 39 dBA—as quiet as a library), sleek looks, and capable drying. You can choose from several wash cycles on these dishwashers, including Heavy, Auto, Eco, Normal, and Express.

The interior sports three smooth-sliding racks, folding tines to accommodate larger plates and pans, an adjustable middle rack, and a dispenser made for detergent pods. The classic exterior looks fabulous with a bar handle or pocket handle, and if you’d prefer to have the dishwasher hidden within your kitchen cabinetry, it’s also offered panel-ready.
Where to Buy: $1,119.10 at AppliancesConnection $1,124.00 at Abt $1,124.99 at Best Buy

Bosch Benchmark Series dishwashers
Bosch’s flagship line of dishwashers are made in Germany to exacting standards and they offer top-of-the-line performance. The Benchmark models are whisper quiet with a sound level of 38 dBA, so they work well in open kitchens. These dishwashers have sleek exteriors that sport LCD touchscreens. Inside, smooth-gliding telescoping racks, a deep third rack with folding sides for extra capacity, and brilliant interior lighting make it clear that this is a premium model.

For questions that arise during use, there’s also a button you can tap to access a built-in user guide. Benchmark dishwashers use water efficiently, getting dishes virtually spotless with less than two gallons of water on the Normal cycle.
Where to Buy: $1,699.00 at AppliancesConnection $1,699.00 at Abt $1,529.99 at Best Buy

Every home needs a refrigerator that keeps food fresh and appetizing for as long as possible. So it’s essential that the refrigerator maintains a safe temperature, stays appropriately humid, is simple to control, and has an interior configuration that makes it easy to organize groceries.

The fridge also needs to fit into the available space and complement the rest of the kitchen. Bosch addresses all of these issues in the latest edition of the 800 Series refrigerators.

Bosch 800 Series refrigerators
The 2019 models in this line feature a professional style and superior food preservation methods. Counter-depth design gives these standalone French-door refrigerators a built-in look, freeing up space in the kitchen and enhancing an open, uncluttered look.

The interior of one of these refrigerators is nothing short of breathtaking, with bright LED lighting and a cool stainless steel back wall. The internal shelf configuration is adaptable and makes innovative use of refrigerator real estate with the FlexBar, a small, practical rack on the back wall in space that is wasted in other refrigerators. Useful for wine bottles, condiments, and other small items, it can be a game-changer.

Since not everything stored in a refrigerator is optimized at the same temperature, a separate pantry drawer in these models allows you to set the temperature and humidity. Use it for preserving deli meats and cheeses at a height that lets kids make their own sandwiches.

Fruits and vegetables can coexist nicely in these refrigerators, which filter ethylene gas, a plant hormone given off by ripening produce that can make some fruits and veggies perish prematurely. At a time when reducing food waste is on our minds, this is a valuable feature. And although the stainless exterior of the refrigerator is minimalist and smooth, all-important filtered water and unique pyramid-shaped ice are available inside.
Where to Buy: $3,054.10 at AppliancesConnection $3,059.10 at Home Depot $3,059.10 at Abt

Compact washers and dryers
Bosch is the world’s compact laundry market leader. The company offers compact washers and dryers built with German engineering, rocking shorter cycles and WiFi connectivity for remote operation. For those who live in modestly-sized homes, a compact washer and dryer pair can be an enormous improvement over using a laundromat or sending clothes out to be cleaned.

Although compact laundry appliances are not inexpensive, the convenience and control they bring to the laundry process are worth the outlay. Measuring 24 inches wide, these laundry machines don’t need their own laundry room—they can be installed horizontally or vertically in closets, kitchens, or any small space that can be claimed in a diminutive house or condo.

Bosch 800 Series washers
Topping other compact washers in stain removal and packing an internal water heater, models in this series perform gently, quietly and efficiently, exceeding Energy Star water consumption standards.

The machine exterior is classic white and the interior is brightly lit to make loading and unloading easier. Already fast with a 60-minute Cotton Normal cycle, this washer’s SpeedPerfect option can clean a few lightly soiled items in about 15 minutes.
Where to Buy: $1,124.00 at Abt $1,119.10 at AppliancesConnection $1,124.10 at Home Depot $1,124.99 at Best Buy

Bosch 800 Series dryers
A compact ventless dryer dries by condensing moisture from laundry, and it doesn’t require ductwork or a vent to the outside. In Europe, Bosch sells a lot of ventless dryers, and they can also work well for Americans who live in small apartments or condos.

With dryers in the 800 series, it’s easy to customize each load with numerous cycles and options. The Delicate and Quick cycles take only 40 minutes to dry. There’s no rushing bulky items with this dryer—it will take a few hours before a fluffy comforter is ready to go back on the bed.

But there are advantages to using a condenser dryer, too. Clothes tumbled inside dry with fewer wrinkles and experience less wear and tear over time.
Where to Buy: $1,119.10 at AppliancesConnection $1,124.10 at Home Depot $1,124.99 at Best Buy $1,124.00 at Abt

Bosch gives cooks the choice of gas, electric, or induction in its slide-in oven ranges. These are attractive cooking appliances with a European aesthetic, ideal for upscale kitchens. The slide-in models fit in a standard cutout, where they look built-in.

Controls are located in the front panel, so they’re easy to reach. Ovens offer settings for a wide variety of baking and broiling methods, and each oven provides high-heat self-cleaning. The warming drawer ensures that latecomers’ meals remain at serving temperature.

Bosch 800 Series slide-in gas ranges
These ranges are meant for design-conscious homeowners whose kitchens have a gas hookup. With an intuitive touch screen control panel and continuous cast iron burners on the stovetop, Bosch gas ranges look contemporary. Sealed burners on the range top are easy to clean. Water boil and oven preheat speeds are fast, and convection-baked cookies and cakes come out with remarkably even color.
Where to Buy: $2,064.10 at AppliancesConnection $2,069.10 at Home Depot $2,069.10 at Abt $2,069.99 at Best Buy

Bosch 800 Series slide-in electric ranges
With an impeccable fit and finish, Bosch electric ranges have a contemporary European aesthetic. They are among the highest-end all-electric ranges on the market and they excel at simmering, searing, roasting, and broiling. The front control panel keeps everything in easy reach and the oven’s digital controls are intuitive and easy to use. Convection baking works well and the broiler is quick, browning evenly.
Where to Buy: $2,069.10 at Abt $2,069.99 at Best Buy

Bosch 800 Series induction slide-in electric ranges
Induction cooking works by heating the iron in pots and pans directly using electromagnetism. The technology is more efficient than gas or traditional electric cooking, uses less energy, and boils water much faster than gas or electric stoves.

The smooth cooktops on Bosch’s modern, attractive induction ranges combine a couple of cooking zones into a continuous surface, adapting to the size of larger pots and pans. Another luxury feature on these ranges: The oven door has dampened hinges to ensure a quiet close.
Where to Buy: $3,054.10 at AppliancesConnection $1,979.10 at Home Depot $1,979.10 at Abt $1,979.99 at Best Buy

Bosch 800 Series slide-in dual fuel ranges
Dual fuel ranges use electricity to heat the oven and gas on the cooktop. There are advantages: superior control over temperature on the gas burners and better baking in an electric oven with more even results.

Bosch didn’t skimp on the design of these slide-in ranges—they have a premium look and feel with a low-profile design that makes them look built-in. Home cooks appreciate the luxury features of these ranges, including the five-burner cooktop and a meat probe in the oven that eliminates guesswork.
Where to Buy: $2,424.10 at AppliancesConnection $2,429.10 at Home Depot $2,429.10 at Abt $2,429.99 at Best Buy