AUXIN,Color Catcher Sheets,Laundry Dye Trapping Sheets (192 Count)

AUXIN,Color Catcher Sheets,Laundry Dye Trapping Sheets (192 Count)

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Product this lock loose dyes found wash water prevent bleeding onto other clothes

Function helpful washing mix load with dark light colors especially new items blue jeans red saves time instead trouble separating laundry money reducing need half-size loads

Directions put color catcher sheet washing machine together with clothes

Features model count material nonwoven fabric

Package pack

Overview almost all clothing process washing more less will bleeding dyes this product contains high activity absorption factor strongly absorb dye water prevent light color clothes dyed dark with white t-shirt black cotton jeans red dress throw same machine together need wash them separately save lot laundry time directions step put catcher sheet normal discard after dosage usually there are items needed case other risk being features item size weight material nonwoven spunlace smell odorless package quantity count pack issues may concerned about who might dont sort wearing bright colored shirts traveling combining loads what chemical components contained effective factors trapping free-dyes viscose fibers which extracted natural wood fiber xylon these sheets scented unscented have questions please leave message customer answers module page service any problems contact always here


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