The Laundry Kit

The Laundry Kit

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The Blisshaus Laundry Kit - as seen on  lost socks photo for Apartment 34 by 


What You Get
The Blisshaus Laundry Kit is the perfect complement to your Blisshaus pantry. We assembled all the essential jars you need to keep your laundry fresh and your laundry room delightful.  The Laundry Kit includes

  • 2 large Blisshaus countertop jars for laundry detergent (we strongly recommend powdered detergent for environmental reasons and the life of your front loader if you have one) 
  • 2 long-handled Blisshaus 1/8 cup spoons for scooping out the right amount of detergent
  • 1 Blisshaus jar for borax
  • 1 Blisshaus jar for dryer lint
  • 1 Blisshaus jar with 3 natural wool dryer balls
  • 1 Blisshaus jar for natural essence bottles (so you can custom-scent your dryer balls)
  • 1 Blisshaus jar with clothes pins
  • 1 Blisshaus jar for lost socks (because we all have them)

What You Gain
There is something magical when you pour your detergent from its big carton into a neat glass jar. All of a sudden, the everyday chore is transformed. For some reason, scooping out laundry soap from a jar rather than the box makes the tasks strangely delightful. Perhaps it makes you feel like you are reaching into a cookie jar - or it might just be the crisp, clean aesthetic, but doing laundry has never been better. Try it for yourself.