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As you know, I’ve been thinking a lot about fashion, style, redefining style over 60, clothes, wearing our clothes, not saving good things for good

While I’m thinking about style, I’m also thinking about psychology and philosophy. Why do we feel the urge to change things up? Why don’t we want to wear certain things that we used to love? What inside of us wants to be expressed now? Talking to women about fashion and age I have a few avenues to be in conversation with women about self-image and the factor age plays in all that. There are my clients, my social media community on Facebook and Instagram, my friends and blogging buddies. A few points seem consistent. We care about how we look. We care to varying degrees about how we’re perceived. Many of us are over the heavy lifting of raising kids....

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What I wore to a wine country wedding

We’d been hearing exquisite details for months about the upcoming wedding of our friends’ granddaughter. This left me with plenty of time to get an outfit. We got our ‘save the date’ card in spring, the invitation in summer, and now it was autumn. I had pretty much decided what I’d wear, but I’d make the final decision on the day of the wedding, which started at 5 p.m. Would I wear the Etro colorful jacket? The outfit I’d planned on wearing was my Etro jacket purchased two years ago with a pair of black silk Prada trousers. At 3 p.m., I decided against it. I didn’t want to wear the Prada silk pants because they’re a little tight in...

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