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Gear Updates: All the Must-Haves, Upgrades, and Dreamy Wishes for the Next Season.

The dust is settling on the summer of 2019 adventures, and it's time to review my gear. Some of, thank goodness, is still great and will serve me well for another season or two. Some are at its last breath, and some needs replacing or upgrading. I already wrote a review of the boots I had this year, and will probably write another on another piece or two of my gear and clothing. But it's also time when I build my dream list of gear for the 2020 seasons of hiking and camping. A few pieces are must-buys, while some are in the category of "would be awesome to have." So, let me share with you what's on my list....

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There’s no perfect baby bottle

There’s just the best baby bottle that works for you and your baby. But if you’re trying to use less plastic, we highly recommend stainless steel baby bottles. That’s why choosing a baby bottle can be confounding and intensely frustrating, and turn into a very pricey foray into trial and error. And while companies claim that some bottles are better for gassy babies, while others are better for breastfed babies, there’s really no scientific data that supports those claims. Plastic bottles are the most common, by far, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against microwaving formula or breast milk in them to help reduce the transfer of harmful chemicals during the reheating or dishwashing process. The AAP also urges parents...

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