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Want to know how to make a minion costume? Get the supplies and the step-by-step tutorial below as you continue reading!

RELATED: 13 DIY Minions Costume Ideas You Have To Check Out In this article: DIY Minion Costume The Minion Costume Mask Minion Goggle Tutorial How to Make a Minion Costume | DIY Costumes DIY Minion Costume To make a DIY Minion Costume, you first must understand the minion. Minions are the clever yellow creatures from the movie, Despicable Me who help out in the evil scientist Gru’s lab. Aside from all the evil (and all the pushing and the shoving), there’s also a lot of hugging and loving going on in the minion world. How could you not love something so mischievous yet intoxicating-ly affectionate? Becoming a minion is basically the first thing I wanted to do since I watched the...

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