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Victorian Ghost Children Halloween Photograph Editing Tutorial There is nearly nothing creepier than melancholy Victorian-era children in haunting ghost form

This is such a fun way to capture ghosts on camera! This is a fantastic photo shoot is one of my favorite projects I did with my kids. That lacy parasol and swinging pocketwatch...these kids know how to make a creepy look in a tranquil setting. This fun post has been updated from the 2012 post. I won a contest with this photo editing post and won our first ipad. As you look at these pictures you can almost hear the sounds of children giggles echoing through the forest. Their sad faces are reminiscent of a long lost era. These photographs, in their monotones, are completely chilling and the perfect Halloween decoration! Supplies for this Photoshoot: Camera Tripod Victorian-Era Children...

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School Picture-Day Tips

I'm a neurotic mama on the morning of school picture day. I must whip out that fine-toothed comb every five minutes to slick down a stray flyaway. And you better believe, I think long and hard about what polo to put my son in and which dress my little lady will agree to wear. I just want to capture a moment in time; and my kiddos tend to cooperate more for a profesh photog than they do for their Instagram-lovin' mama. Thus far, I've gotten some phenomenal photos from picture day--but, honestly, the #photofails are almost as good (fodder for the feed, ha!). Still, if you, too, strive for photo-day near perfection, we have a few nifty tips. Say cheese!...

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