Traveling with toddlers can be very challenging but is often rewarding

Some of our best memories have been trips we have taken when our kids are toddlers. Admittedly the key to a successful vacation with young children is planning and preparation. After you take care of the necessities then you want to pack the best toys for toddlers and travel to keep them entertained on the airplane, a road trip or a cruise.

The best travel toys for toddlers are toys that the kids love, are mess free, and will keep them entertained for long periods of time that kids love. When picking good travel toys for toddlers we love a great option that is educational, help with fine motor skills, develop hand eye coordination and they can easily play with from their car seat and enjoyed on long trips. There are lots of toys for travel out there but the key is to find age suitable toys for young children from 18 months to older toddlers.

Travelling with kids doesn’t have to be difficult when you have lots of great toys to entertain them. Some of our favorites on the list include Wikki Stix, Mellisa & Doug Shape Sorter, a buckle toy,  and the Water Wow water pen. Grab a few of your favorites and put them in a favorite backpack and enjoy a tear-free journey. 
Best Toys for Travel with Toddlers Sticker Pad Dressy Kids Wikki Stix City Theme Magnet Board Shapes Puzzle Quiet Books Dimpl Toys Magna Doodle Board Mess Free Coloring Water Wow! Coloring Mini Spinny Toy Take Along Shape Sorter Toddler Tray Toy Buddy Backpack Magnetic Number Maze Magnetic Character Set Unicorn Backpack Here are some of our other tips for traveling with toddlers: Snacks are everything. Even more important than the best travel toys for toddlers are packing good and healthy snacks and a sippy cup of water because it doesn’t matter how many toys you pack for your toddler- if they are low on blood sugar they will NOT be happy and neither will you. Pack more than you think you will need because delays can happen. Always bring an extra pair of clothes (for you too!) and extra underwear and diapers. Have wipes on hand even if they are potty trained toddlers. Do your best to prepare them for travel beforehand. Talk to them about what will happen on the airplane or the train or on the road trip. Read the book Monsters Don’t Ride on Airplanes if they are going on an airplane and talk about airplane behavior and how it is best for them to act. Let them help you pack their backpack and get them excited about all the fun snacks they get and toys they will have to play with! Show them some youtube videos of trains or airplanes so they will know what it looks like. Relax and get plenty of sleep the night before you travel because traveling with toddlers is exhausting but can be well worth it. Pin This

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