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Traveling with toddlers can be very challenging but is often rewarding

Some of our best memories have been trips we have taken when our kids are toddlers. Admittedly the key to a successful vacation with young children is planning and preparation. After you take care of the necessities then you want to pack the best toys for toddlers and travel to keep them entertained on the airplane, a road trip or a cruise. The best travel toys for toddlers are toys that the kids love, are mess free, and will keep them entertained for long periods of time that kids love. When picking good travel toys for toddlers we love a great option that is educational, help with fine motor skills, develop hand eye coordination and they can easily play with...

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Northern Lights Photography

Touring the globe in hopes of viewing the northern lights has become a travel trend and rightly so. They’re beautiful to see and there isn’t anything that can match watching them dance across the sky. Recently I took a trip to Finland and I was so excited because I knew there was a good chance that I would be able to see the northern lights. I knew that I needed to learn how to shoot the northern lights because I wasn’t going to leave without some awesome northern light photographs. After searching the web for how to take photos of the northern lights I had some good ideas of what to try to get the best shots but I was...

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