All of us women want that perfect butt! If a Kardashian butt is too big no worries, these butt workouts are designed to tone and firm up your backside to help you achieve the butt you have always wanted.

Sitting on the couch is no way to firm up your bum, get up and get moving! These workouts give you a wide range of exercises to start today.  The pictures are also great motivators!

These 10 butt workouts will have your glutes up and plump.

1. Brazillian Butt Workout

30-minute workouts out of the whole 24 hours in one day is minuscule. You have the time to spare for the booty you are eager to have. Head over to Spotebi, for the full workout instructions for this 30-minute workout. I love how simple they make the workout instructions. After a few times, they will soon be built into your memory.

Found on Spotebi


2. Lazy Girl Butt Workout Challenge

I love day challenges for workouts. For busy moms or between commercials of The Bachelor, these challenges are perfect! This three-week challenge is great to start before you are out of big winter clothes and into shorts and swimsuits. Start today and your butt will thank you!

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3. The Best Butt Workout

I am obsessed with Change in Seconds and their best butt workout. As a dancer for 22 years, I swear by these workouts and you will see results with these 5 moves. Every dance class we did plie squats, fire hydrants, donkey kicks, and hip bridges. Your butt will burn! Trust me, push through the pain and you won’t be upset come summer.

Found on Change In Seconds


4. Build The Booty You Want

Not only will these moves give you the booty that you want, they are also a total body workout. Sometimes when I go to the gym I am intimated to pick up weights like barbells. With Lorna Jane’s workout techniques, you will feel confident walking into the gym and pick up any types of weights.

Found on Move Nourish Believe 


5. Lift & Round That Butt

Wow! This article is so detailed on getting that lifted and rounded booty. Not only do they explain how to complete each exercise, they also give the research backing the exercise. Knowing the science behind the workout will boost your confidence the results you desire will come.

Found on Fitwirr


6. Better Than Squats Butt Moves

I love booty exercises that I can do besides squatting. I like variety in my workouts. Head over to Cosmo and watch how each exercise is performed so you know the proper form and technique.

Found on Cosmopolitan 


7. Butt and Glute Enlarger

If my butt can look like either one of these two girls, I’ll do these workouts every day! What motivation! The article has a break down of how to properly execute each exercise properly.

Found on Transform Fitspo


8. Butt Lifting Challenge

Another 21-day challenge! As a busy working woman, my time to workout can be limited. To stay motivated by the challenge, I print out the challenge and magnet it to the fridge. As dinner is cooking or when I walk past the challenge it reminds me to complete it and then I can cross it off.

Found on Popsugar


9. Build That Booty From Home

No money to pay for a gym membership? No problem! As you can see from the workout below, you can work on that booty anywhere you have a small area like a yoga mat.

Found on The Happy Hurricane


10. Best Butt Ever

Amanda Lee’s Instagram account is PURE booty motivation. She kills it! Following her workout will definitely get you closer to the booty she has.  Amanda also discusses in the article that some of us are not trying to lose weight, just tone up. She has great tips you have to read.

Found on Cosmopolitan 


BONUS: Buzzfeed Squat Challenge

You have to give this squat challenge a try! Pin it or print so you have it available each day. Think you will be done with all of these squats before the end of a month. You will be impressed with how well your glutes feel after each day. Keep motivated, keep squatting!

Found on BuzzFeed

Don’t give up! Keep working toward that beautiful booty and you will achieve it. Follow some of these amazing booty’s on Instagram and every time you are scrolling through your feed you can use that as motivation. You got this!

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