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All of us women want that perfect butt! If a Kardashian butt is too big no worries, these butt workouts are designed to tone and firm up your backside to help you achieve the butt you have always wanted.

Sitting on the couch is no way to firm up your bum, get up and get moving! These workouts give you a wide range of exercises to start today.  The pictures are also great motivators! These 10 butt workouts will have your glutes up and plump.   1. Brazillian Butt Workout 30-minute workouts out of the whole 24 hours in one day is minuscule. You have the time to spare for the booty you are eager to have. Head over to Spotebi, for the full workout instructions for this 30-minute workout. I love how simple they make the workout instructions. After a few times, they will soon be built into your memory. Found on Spotebi   2. Lazy Girl Butt...

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