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30 Of The Best Organizing Hacks From People Who Know What They’re Doing

If you’re like me, you spend half the day on a mission to find the second missing sock, torturing your family members with never-ending "have you seen" questions about this and that, trapping yourself in the eternal "lost and found" limbo. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way, so bear with us. Bored Panda has compiled a list full of practical and super simple ideas that will give your home (and soul) some much-needed order. From making an "eat me first" bin in your fridge to making a magnetic organizer for your makeup to mount on the wall, this is something you wanna take notes on and thank us later. At the end of the day,...

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Hello team! We hope you are having a great weekend. We’ve had a very busy week adding lots of new patterns to the website. Some seriously gorgeous patterns were released, so just scroll down to get inspired and pick you favourites! If you want to know more about our personal favourites, you can check out our August Sewing Pattern Releases video on the blog! Go forth, and be inspired!   Erica who blogs at Erica Bunker made this stunning McCall’s 7974 dress in a yellow textured crepe! SO DREAMY! What a gorgeous smile! Jasika aka Try Curious Blog must be over the moon with her jumpsuit which she created by hacking a few different patterns together! A classic animal print...

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