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White Linen Finds For A Cooler Summer Look!

White linen duvet cover and shams Oh, the hot, hot weather is here for the summer now! Yes, it’s in the upper 90’s every day now for us, folks. :-( How do I stay cool in these grueling Texas summers? With white linen loose-fitting tunics and shirts. I’ve been staying in a lot, of course, not spending money on much of anything, let alone clothes. But I got an urge to find a few new white linen pieces last week and once I did, the white linen floodgates opened. :-) You know there is no better way to lighten up an interior and make it feel fresh for summer than to add some white linen in the room. Slipcovers, pillows,...

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Once open to only Mensa members, the Mensa Store is now officially open to the general public, so it’s easy to get your geek on with their line of garb and other items

Some of their products prominently feature the Mensa logo, but it’s less visible on other products, if you’d prefer those. And on several of their products, you’ll notice a newer Mensa icon (mascot?), the person with the pointy hair and glasses, which I’m digging in particular. If you prefer that logo to the more traditional one, there are products featuring it, including one with red/white/blue hair and a pride rainbow hair one. For wearables in general, they’ve got t-shirts, sweatshirts, button-ups, polos, lounge pants, socks, scarves, hats, pins, and a plush blanket. For the fancier among us, they also have jewelry. There are only a couple of jewelry options available on the site, but I’ve seen a ton more available...

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Target Is Already Sold Out Of Golden Girls Halloween Costumes

Clutch your pearls: Target and other online retailers sold out of their “The Golden Girls” Halloween costumes quicker than you could say “cheesecake!” Cross your fingers that there’s a Halloween miracle and the costumes emulating television’s fab foursome — Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose — are re-stocked. Amazon and Walmart had Dorothy’s costume, but they’re out as well. We even checked the website of Toynk, the costume maker, and the costumes were sold out there, too, proving that these Miami retirees have still got it going on despite the fact that the last episode of NBC’s popular 1985-1992 TV sitcom aired more than a quarter of a century ago. Target   But, fret not. We’ve got ways you can DIY your...

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